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Dear Crossovering Writer:

Thank you so much for signing up for this exchange and for agreeing to write me a story. Crossovers are one of my favorite types of stories, so I can't wait to see what you come up with.

I'm [ profile] LadySilver, [ profile] argentum-ls, and [personal profile] argentum_ls. Feel free to browse my feeds. If you have any questions, htbthomas can help you with answers.

Below I've listed some general likes and dislikes, a brief breakdown of what I like in each fandom I've requested (along with favorite characters and pairings), and sentence prompts. I know there's a lot of information here. Everything is optional, though I really hope you'll avoid my DNWs. Use what you want to, and please don't feel like you have to tick off every box. This info is meant to make things easier for you, not harder.

Fandoms included:

Being Human (US)
Highlander: the Series
Houdini & Doyle
Legends of Tomorrow
The Listener
Now You See Me


  • Plot. I want something to happen in the story. My tastes in story type are really broad and include h/c, whump, drama, angst, friendship, family, casefic, humor, and practically everything else.
  • Secrets. The common thread of my fandoms is that at least one of the characters has superpowers (or a superstate) that s/he/they have to keep secret from the world at large. I love secrets. I love seeing them kept and the cost that keeping secrets invariably has. I also love when a decision is made (or circumstances conspire) to bring the secret to light. And I love to watch the fallout. You cannot go wrong with a story where one side of the crossover finds out and deals with the secrets of the other side.
  • Relationships of all stripes. If you want to include pairings, het, slash, and poly are all fine, though I do have some fandom-specific requests. If you don't want to include pairings, that's not a problem. I love gen. Friendships, sibling relationships, and parent-child relationships are my own go-tos when I'm writing.
  • Canon-based or canon-divergent stories.
  • For all my requests, I prefer true crossovers.

    Favorite tropes: Trapped!, Running Out of Time, Unexpected Allies, Secret Identity Revealed/Discovered, Lying by Telling the Truth.


  • PWPs. Sexual activity (e.g. kissing, petting), UST, sexual tension, and romance are always fine, but I would prefer them to be part of the story and not the whole story (anything up through an R-rating is good).
  • Character assassination and/or bashing.
  • Torture!porn. Despite my love of h/c, I don’t like torture-for-the-sake-of-torture (e.g. the Saw movies).
  • AUs of the coffee shop/bakery/mechanic/all!human style.
  • Jealousy. That is, stories where the plot is predicated on someone being jealous and refusing to address whatever made them that way.
  • Permanent main character maiming or death.
  • Crack.
  • Identity headcanons, such as trans*, autistic, and asexual.
  • Non-con.

    General Notes

  • I realize that most of the following prompts would require a story significantly longer than 1000 words. In the event that you like one of these prompts and want to use it, stories that focus on only one part of the larger scenario are more than welcome.

  • In all cases, the prompts have been supplied to give you a starting point. If a prompt inspires you, then interpret it as you see fit. If none of the prompts work for you, if you have your own ideas, or if you prefer to write unprompted, then please do so. None of these prompts are demands.

  • With a few exceptions, I've given no or little thought to how these crossovers might work, so your interpretation is my new headcanon. In those cases where I have given the crossover some thought, I'm always eager to see something else's interpretation of how the crossover will work. Alternatively, if you like what I've done and want to build on it, I'm cool with that, too.

  • Crossovers between more than two series are welcome.

  • All my groupings were established based on my ability to think of prompts. As far as I'm concerned, any of the fandoms on my list can be crossed with any of the others, except I'd like to avoid Berlanti-verse crossovers since I think canon's got that covered.

    Fandom Breakdowns


    As with all superhero-esque shows, I love watching our characters try to balance their two lives, and seeing all the ways in which those attempts at balance has a high cost. I'm also completely into the vigilantism and the Robin Hood idea that underpins it. My favorite seasons are 1-2, but I've seen everything and would be happy with a story set anywhere in the time line or in a canon-divergent time line, if you prefer to keep someone alive or explore how an event could have played out.

    Favorite characters: Oliver, John, Lyla, Sara, Nyssa, Laurel, Thea

    Pairings: I'm pretty open here. If the characters are within about 5 years of each other in age and there's no incest, have at it.

    Additionally, I do watch The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl. Characters from these shows are more than welcome to join your story, regardless of whether they've officially crossed over yet or not. Favorites: Barry, Cisco, Kara, James Olsen, Kendra, and Jax.

    Being Human (US)

    The whole premise of this show was delightful to me: characters with supernatural abilities trying to have normal lives and constantly finding their supernatural affiliations getting in the way of their efforts. Seasons 3-4 were my favorites because the show had established itself as its own property by then. I'm especially fond of our main characters' relationships outside the core group, such as with friends and family. Feel free to ignore the character conclusions of the last couple episodes, if you want to set your story outside the established time line.

    Favorite characters: Aiden, Sally, Josh, Nora, Zoe, Kat, Emily

    Pairings: Aiden/Kat, Josh/Nora


    Any show with immortal characters and explorations of the consequences of immortality is right up my alley. Like most fans of this show, I adore the Henry & Abe relationship, in part because it's so rare to see immortals on the far side of a long-term relationship with a mortal. I also love the Henry-whump because of the reset-button his immortality gives him.

    Favorite characters: Henry, Abe, Molly

    Pairings: any canon pairing

    NoTPs: Henry/Adam, Henry/Lucas

    Highlander: the Series

    I love the immortals and explorations of the consequences of immortality on this show, but I also love the Game and the bigger worldbuilding aspects it provides. The Game is so brutal and what it require of its players so awful, yet I enjoy the purpose and conflicts it provides. How the characters understand the rules, whether they choose to follow them, whether they even choose to play or not, and how they stay sane amidst it (or why they don't) are all draws to me. I especially love that the characters don't know why all this is happening; Quickenings are real, but the Game is an article of faith. On the lighter side, I'm also into all the fun that can be had with the characters' ability to die temporarily.

    Favorite characters: Richie (post-Immortality), Methos, Gregor (2x03), Ceirdwyn (3x17), Carl Robinson (2x9, 5x4), Cory Raines (5x7)

    Pairings: Richie/Angie, Methos/Amy Thomas, Methos/Ceirdwyn, Cory/Amanda

    NoTPs: Duncan/Methos, Duncan/Richie

    Special requests:
    1. I am firmly Clan Denial. As far as I'm concerned, the Ahriman arc either never happened or was a cruel hoax.
    2. Any canon character or OCs who fit the world are more than welcome, but I'd prefer that the story not be about Duncan, as I think the show did a fine job plumbing his life.
    3. Characters from Raven are also welcome in your story.
    4. If you want to write entirely about one of the minor-Immortal characters, have at it. I'm completely on board with a story that features no main characters.
    5. I'd also prefer if crossover characters are not Immortals or Watchers.

    Houdini & Doyle

    The late Victorian- and Edwardian-eras are my favorite time in British history, so having a show set during it is a huge draw for me. I'm even willing to go along with their Rule of Cool approach to the history. The premise of having these storytellers investigating possible incidences of the supernatural works so well for me because, while we always get a rational explanation, the door is never completely closed on the alternative. Doyle the believer, Houdini the unbeliever, and Stratton as their wrangler is a great dynamic.

    Favorite characters: Houdini, Stratton, Doyle

    Pairings: canon pairings

    Legends of Tomorrow

    It's all the fun of a superhero show with the added joy of time travel. I love how much swagger everyone has, yet how bad they were at their various missions while still managing to more-or-less accomplish their goals.

    Favorite characters: Sara, Jax

    Pairings: canon pairings


    The characters don't technically have superpowers, but they do seem to be super-humanly good at everything. I loved the cons and heists with the Robin Hood motivation, the incredibly gray morality of everyone, and the scale of what they were able to pull off. The interactions where a character says or does something that's perfectly normal for him/her and everyone else WTF's at them always make me laugh, especially when it's in reference to a past crime or indiscretion.

    Favorite characters: Hardison, Parker, Eliot, Chaos

    Pairings: canon pairings. (If you consider H/P/E canon, then so do I.)

    A story using the full crew from the show or the post-series crew is fine, as are stories that use only one or two characters.

    The Listener

    I love the ordinary hero premise of the show and how Toby used his power, especially originally, to help those people who wouldn't or couldn't speak for themselves. The loyalty of the friend group Toby managed to surround himself with was fantastic; I always enjoyed when they got involved with whatever case Toby was on. I was also really intrigued by the mystery of Toby's mother and brother, and I wish we had gotten a lot more about that.

    Favorite characters: Toby, Olivia, Charlie, Oz, Dev

    Pairings: Toby/Tia, Toby & Oz

    Now You See Me

    While I love the heists and the Robin Hood premise of these movies, what I really love is how the characters consistently manage to trick everyone by doing exactly what they tell you they're going to do. I'm confused by the whole “Eye” thing and the implication that magic is real when what the characters excel at is illusion, but that just makes me want to see them bounce off canons where there is a real element of the supernatural. How could they use it? How could they “demystify” it so that something that really is magic is made to appear as if it isn't?

    Favorite characters: Henley, Lula, Atlas, Jack

    Pairings: As you see fit.


    I love this show for its core premise: Shawn using his incredible memory and analytical abilities to pretend to be psychic, which constantly getting himself into and out of trouble with his incredible smart-assery. I also love how Gus spends as much time aiding and abetting Shawn's antics as he does calling Shawn out on them, and how he has his own cards to bring to the table.

    Favorite characters: Shawn, Gus, Juliet, Henry, Pierre Despereaux

    Pairings: canon pairings and Shawn/Gus/Juliet

    Prompts (Each fandom listed once)


  • One of the bad guys on Oliver's list is Immortal and Oliver needs the help of his new bartender/bodyguard/friend to help take him down. How does he find out what went wrong and what this new person is? And how does Oliver convince him/her to help?

  • Malcolm learns about Immortals and decides that he wants what they have. Methos has to dissuade him.


  • The survivors of the Undertaking come after Queen Consolidated with some help from their crack team of criminals-gone-good.

  • Hardison and Felicity end up at cross-purposes when a Leverage mission and an Arrow mission turn out to be two sides of the same event.


  • Shawn attaches himself to the Starling City police department in hopes of cracking the vigilante case once and for all. Yet, for all his observational skills, he has never been more wrong.

  • Gus is kidnapped, held hostage, and rescued by the Arrow. Shawn is never going to believe this! No, really; there's no way he's ever going to convince Shawn that it actually happened.

    Being Human (US)/The Listener

  • Aiden ends up in the IIB interrogation room for a crime (your choice on whether he committed it). While at first it looks like a routine case, Toby is completely unprepared for what he "reads."

  • A chance encounter with Nora reveals to Toby that Charlie's ghost is haunting him, and her unfinished business may be tied to his abandoned search for his mother.

    Being Human (US)/Psych

  • Enough carefully worded police reports about the crime wave in Boston, and it's inevitable that Shawn would get involved. He drags Gus and Juliet all the way to the other coast to prove his theory about Sapp & Sons, then really wishes he hadn't when vampires is, indeed, the right answer. Now it's up to Aiden and Sally to protect Shawn, who still hasn't learned when to leave well enough alone.

  • Gus accidentally witnesses Josh and Nora changing during the full moon, and spends the next month convinced that he's acquired their curse. (hint: he hasn't).


  • Henry and one of the doctor Immortals (e.g. Grace, Gregor, Methos) worked in the same medical corps during a war, where they each took turns saving the other's life—until they learn that they don't need to waste their energies on that.

  • Russell Nash Antiques and Abe's Antiques have long been rivals in the trade. Connor and Abe have often found themselves bidding on the same items at the local estate sales and have developed a lot of respect for each others' knowledge and integrity, which is why Abe is the person Connor thinks of when he find himself in need of help from some Immortal business.

    Forever/Houdini & Doyle

  • Henry gets volunteered to participate in one of Houdini's shows. When something goes wrong and Henry is killed during the act, Houdini and Doyle find themselves trying to solve the Case of the Vanishing Audience Member.

  • Doyle may have gotten his inspiration for Holmes from an encounter with Henry when he was a kid. After Holmes is killed off, Henry tracks Doyle down to find out just how much inspiration he was.

    Forever/Legends of Tomorrow

  • A malfunction with Gideon's systems points The Waverider and the LoT crew at the wrong immortal.

  • When the LoT crew has to evacuate a time quickly, Lucas accidentally gets brought on board the Waverider for the best night of his life. Also the most terrifying.

    Highlander/Houdini & Doyle

  • Houdini, Doyle, and Stratton investigate a Quickening.

  • Houdini and Amanda have crossed paths more than once--not all of them under entirely legal circumstances.

    Highlander/Legends of Tomorrow

  • A malfunction with Gideon's systems points The Waverider and the LoT team at the wrong immortal.

  • An Immortal joins the Waverider crew for reasons that have nothing to do with hunting Savage. In fact, the rest of the crew would really like to know where s/he came from and what s/he wants.


  • One night when he has nothing better to do, Hardison hacks the files of the International Asset Corporation (The Watchers). He maybe kinda downloads a bunch of character files for some kind of secret game they're developing, which is weird enough because why would a company called the International Asset Corporation be developing any kind of game? Then he starts to discover that the people described in the files exist.

  • Eliot and Methos meet in a bar and bond over an antique sword and their roles in the overturning of governments.

  • For a con, the Leverage team needs someone who can die—a lot. Fortunately, one of the team members knows (or knows of) someone with this ability. (Possible applications of this prompt: 1. How does the team member know (about) the Immortal? 2. How does the team convince the Immortal to participate? 3. How much is explained to the other team members about who and what this person is? 4. What exactly is this con?)

    Highlander/The Listener

  • The IIB is charged with solving a cold case from at least 40 years ago. The problem is, the top suspect hadn't been born then. Or had s/he?

  • One of the really old Immortals (e.g. Methos/Ceirdwyn/Cassandra/Amanda) comes under IIB scrutiny as a suspect in an identity fraud scam.

    Highlander/Now You See Me

  • “It's a kind of magic.”

  • The NYSM crew targets an Immortal with unexpected consequences (because of the Immortal's age? Something specific that happened in a past life? Hypnosis interacts badly with Quickenings?).

  • When Methos hears about a new group calling themselves the Four Horsemen, he's amused. When he finds out what they do and that they're down a member, he decides that it's time to get involved.


  • When a body goes missing from the morgue, Shawn assigns himself the task of finding it before Woody gets fired.

  • An Immortal who has lost his/her memory hires Psych to help him/her get it back.

    Houdini & Doyle/Legends of Tomorrow

  • While going after Savage in the early 20th century, some or all of the LoT team is jailed for being involved in the kind of trouble they're so prone to getting involved with. Houdini, Stratton, and/or Doyle are sent in to interview them to find out who they are and what they're up to.

  • One of the LoT crew is a huge fan of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle for his books. Another is a huge fan of Harry Houdini for his escapism act. And a third is a huge fan of Stratton for...something she hasn't done yet. When the LoT crew finds itself in a position to meet their idols, it's all they can do to get some autographs without changing the timeline and preventing Stratton's success.

    The Listener/Now You See Me

  • Toby and Tia attend a show while on their honeymoon. When Toby gets a stray read about them, he has to find a way to convince the Horsemen that it's real.

  • When the Horsemen bring a show to Toronto, the IIB gets assigned to protect the person assumed to be their mark.

    The Listener/Psych

  • While on their honeymoon in Niagara Falls, Shawn and Juliet witness a murder. When the IIB is assigned to solve it, Shawn makes every effort to help them.

  • Shawn gets targeted by the same people who once came after Toby and his mother. To save him, they have to reveal themselves to the people they've spent a lifetime running from.


  • For a con, Eliot conscripts his cousin Shawn to help him teach Parker how to fake being a psychic.

  • Juliet and Lassiter unknowingly get caught up in an in-progress con when they're assigned the part of bumbling detectives.

    Thank you again for signing up. I hope you have a great time writing!
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