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Dear 5K Writer-

Hi! I'm so happy you signed up and matched with me in the exchange. I'm very excited for whatever you choose to write. There's a lot of info below for you, should you be the kind of writer who will benefit from that, but please don't feel like you have to study it. If you already have a story idea, you don't like long letters, or you don't like my kind of prompting, then do what works for you. As long as you avoid my DNWs, I will enjoy your work.

Should you want to run an idea past someone who knows me, there's no one better than htbthomas, who has had to listen to me flail about every request here at some point.

Also, I'm LadySilver on AO3 and argentum_ls just about everywhere else (if the underscore doesn't work, try a hyphen).

LIKES: Plot, h/c, whump, secrets revealed/discovered, lying by telling the truth, angst, drama, family drama, real world situations (e.g. parental-dating, high school is hard, starting college/moving out) complicated by the supernatural, humor, casefic, trapped!, running out of time, unexpected allies, trope inversions, ratings of R or lower for sexual material, strong friendships, canon divergent AUs, canon based stories, crossovers, outsider POV, when two characters think they're talking about the same thing and aren't, clever or unusual uses of a character's abilities.

DO NOT WANTS: Character bashing or assassination, permanent main character death (any K'Immie or his/her henchmen are fair game), extreme jealousy, torture!porn, identity headcanons (e.g. trans*, autistic, asexual, etc.), zombies.

Highlander: the Series

Requests: Richie Ryan & Methos, Richie Ryan & Cory Raines, Methos & Ceirdwyn, Ceirdwyn/Original Mortal Character

Overall, what I like in HL are stories where immortality either:

1. Comes into conflict with one's ability to live a normal life (anything from having to carry a sword in a world with metal detectors everywhere, to trying to form a relationship with someone while lying about one's entire history, to situations where taking a Quickening has adverse or inconvenient side-effects that have to be worked around), or

2. Is the problem, such as a situation where our Immortal's alibi to some crime is that s/he was dead during that time, and maintaining the secret causes more problems, or anything that deals with the reality of the Game, or

3. Is the unexpected solution to a real world problem such as in a hostage situation or a search & rescue mission.

My main love is secret identity reveal stories, especially when the reveal is the difficult, painful, or messy choice and there are consequences. But, heists/cons/capers, h/c (emphasis on the h), and drama are also perfectly wonderful.

If you choose one of the Richie Ryan requests, I'm fine with a story set within canon as long as it's primarily after Richie becomes Immortal. Otherwise, I am Clan Denial. As far as I'm concerned, “Archangel” either never happened or was a cruel hoax.

Methos & Richie Ryan

I'm forever bitter that these two got no significant on screen time together. They could have made quite the tag team on Duncan if they'd joined forces. What I'm looking for here is the contrast of old & new, scenarios that let them explore their respective perspectives on Immortality and/or the Game, surprise camaraderie or bonding, or teaching moments (while Methos obviously has a great deal he could teach Richie, I think Richie might know a thing or two about the modern world that he could give back.) They don't need to be or become friends, but I'd like to see them interact directly with each other without Joe or Duncan buffering.

Shot-in-the-dark prompt: Something happens that throws Methos & Richie at least 500 years back in time together and they either have to rely on each other to get back or they have to rely on each other to live through the centuries (again, in Methos' case) without killing anyone who didn't die the first time. (Let me stress here that this prompt is absolutely not the one thing I really want to see. I've only thrown it here because it seemed like fun for these two.)

Richie Ryan & Cory Raines

While “Money No Object” is one of my least favorite episodes (I'm not a fan of farce), I adore the irreverence Cory brings to the HL world (also, Nick Lea. Yum.) and I enjoyed the dynamic between him, Richie, and Amanda. I'd be interested in seeing Cory and Richie team up in the future, especially if it really wasn't their choice to team up. More Robin Hood shenanigans? As Richie gets ready to leave Seacouver for the generation, he wants to do something good for the friends he'll be leaving behind, and Cory happens to be the one who steps up to help him. Cory and Richie have to work together to pull off a heist? One of them takes a Quickening with bad or unusual side effects (bring on the tropes) and the other is the only person who can possibly help them with it? I picture these two as having a lot of fun getting into some serious trouble.

Methos & Ceirdwyn

For these two, I'm not seeking relationship building, though if you have a story to tell there, I'd be happy to read it. Since Ceirdwyn is old, but is not one of Methos' victims, I think they might find some comfort in commiserating about how the world and their roles within it have changed. They've both been warriors; they've both seen the demise of their native cultures/religions/languages; and they've both shown that they can still care deeply about mortals and the mortal world, despite their ages. What I'm looking for is the kind of long term, temporary solace kind of relationship that Duncan and Amanda seemed to have in the early seasons, where Methos and Ceirdwyn happen to cross paths every now and then, spend a night or a week together, then go their merry ways and back to their mortal partners. A 5+1 fic could work really well here. But I'd also be interested in a scenario such as one of them showing up on the other's doorstep after taking a rough Quickening. Should their path crossing happen to cause a conflict with their mortal lives, so much the better: e.g. Ceirdwyn showing up while Methos is embedded in the Watchers, or Methos showing up while Ceirdwyn is married to a mortal.

Ceirdwyn/Original Mortal Character

We only got Ceirdwyn for one measly episode, yet I feel she had so much potential. She was a born and trained warrior who lived through eras where her skills and attitudes would have been roundly condemned, if not outright detrimental to her health. She's a survivor, as all old Immortals are, yet she hasn't lost her humanity or compassion, and she's still capable of functioning in the modern world and caring deeply about mortals. I would love to see exploration of any time in her life when her values came into conflict with the society she had to live in. Historical settings are welcome, as are stories set in the modern era. I'd be interested in any backstory of how she met Steven (her mortal husband in her episode) and their fifteen year relationship together. Or a look at what she does after the episode ends. Where is she now? And who is she now? When did she decide to try a relationship with a mortal again? What kind of person was enough to get her to move on from Steven? Should you want to bring in other canon characters, I'd be especially interested in any of the ones from her "line": Matthew, Cory, Carl.

All canon characters (from H:TS or Raven) or OCs who fit the world are welcome to help populate your story.

Highlander: the Watcher

Requests: David Quinlan

See the Highlander: the Series section for general HL likes.

I really enjoyed this movie and I'd love to see more of David's story after the movie ends. Might he try to get back together with his ex-wife now that his circumstances have changed? What kinds of adventures does he encounter as he hitchhikes across the country? Does he ever find Campbell, and what happens if he does? How might his Watcher knowledge help him in ways that aren't strictly related to Immortals or Watchers?

Spoilers: I also love stories of new Immortals trying to get their heads around what Immortality, the Game, Quickenings, etc. actually mean. How does David's Watcher knowledge impact or influence his understanding of these things? How do they compare to what he was taught?

In the Crossover Fandoms request, I have entries for David meeting Richie Ryan or Cory Raines. I'd be interested in seeing him team up with, or otherwise, having to negotiate being in the same space as, either (or both) of these characters who aren't bad guys, but who certainly understand criminal pasts. The nominations form limited what I could request here, so if you want to have David crossing paths with any other canon Immortal, I'm great with that, too.

Crossover Fandoms

David Quinlan (Highlander: the Watcher) & Richie Ryan (Highlander: the Series)
David Quinlan (Highlander: the Watcher) & Cory Raines (Highlander: the Series)
Grant MacLaren (Travelers) & Matthew McCormick (Highlander: the Series)
Eliot Spencer (Leverage) & Shawn Spencer (Psych)

See the Highlander: the Watcher request for David Quinlan prompts.

Grant MacLaren & Matthew McCormick

It's well-established in Travelers that the future's info about our time is full of holes. What if Grant MacLaren is merely Matthew of Salisbury's current identity; the guy does like his law enforcement identities. When Grant was meant to die, it was only the death of the persona and not the person. That, of course, did not get recorded, so Traveler 3465 ended up in the body of an Immortal, either as two minds in one body or as 3465 ending up in a very different situation than he planned. How would this affect their mission?

Eliot Spencer & Shawn Spencer

I adore the Word of God/headcanon that these two are cousins and I'd love to see that explored.
-There's a reason the Spencers don't have family reunions; what is it?
-Shawn invites Eliot to his wedding as a courtesy, and is not prepared for what happens when he shows up.
-Eliot finds himself in a position where he has to include Shawn on a con.
-Psych gets hired to investigate one the people Leverage is currently conning.

If you want to include 'ships, I'm on board with any canon ships, as well as: H/P/E, Eliot/Hardison, Eliot/Parker, Shawn/Gus/Juliet, and Shawn/Gus (but please don't fridge or bash Juliet to get this).


Requests: Grant MacLaren/Carly Shannon, Grant MacLaren & Carly Shannon & Marcy Warton & Trevor Holden & Philip Pearson

I want all the stories of the Travelers trying to adjust to our world and getting it wrong or having to learn the hard way that their info is incomplete. I haven't finished watching the shows yet, so I'll try to get some more specific prompts as soon as I have. For now, I'm finding that I really like the storylines where the Travelers try to maintain the lives they took over, yet aren't beholden to the ruts and patterns their host lives were stuck in. There's something of a revenge fantasy at play, even if there's very little revenge happening.

With the request for Grant/Carly, I'm interested in seeing the problems and challenges for their relationship being transported to their new lives, but I'd also like to know what their relationship was like in the future. Explore the canon infidelity here, if you want, send Kat off to stay with her parents for a couple weeks while Grant/Carly do their thing, or figure out a way to include her.

With the request for the team, you are more than welcome to pick and choose which team members to include or focus on. They do not need to be represented equally, or at all. You're also welcome to involve any other canon characters or OCs who fit the world.

Again, I very much look forward to the work you're going to make. Thank you for signing up!
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