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2031-01-01 04:07 pm
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[sticky entry] Sticky: Purpose & Masterpost

Welcome to my fanfic journal.

This journal is open, public, and casual. Friend me if you want, or don't. Leave when you want. Comment on things if you want--even if I don't know you and we've never talked before--or don't. I love to make new fandom friends, and I don't stand on ceremony.

I've been in fandom for a long time, though I took several years off for Real Life and only returned in July of 2011. My typical story is canon gen, but I'll write het, slash, femslash, and poly as the mood and prompts dictate. I'm also a huge fan of crossovers, and I sincerely believe that any fandom can be improved with a Highlander crossover.

I'm big into memes and fests and other ways that fandom is a social and participatory experience. I have participated in [ profile] fandom_stocking, [ profile] yuletide, and many other seasonal exchanges. I play occasionally at [ profile] comment_fic and [community profile] fan_flashworks. And I've also become a bingo addict with a tendency to sign up for just about any bingo game that comes along.

Fandoms you're likely to see here include: Teen Wolf, The Tomorrow People (all versions), Forever Knight, Highlander: the Series, Sliders, Phineas and Ferb, The Listener, and H2O: Just Add Water.

Only stories written since August 2011 are archived here. Those of my previous fics that still exist online are at

Find me online: LadySilver
AO3: LadySilver/argentum-ls

MASTERLIST - Updated through May 19, 2014

TRANSFORMATION POLICY: If you're so inclined to want to play with my works, have fun. Just shoot me a PM and let me know. Thanks!
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2030-12-30 10:02 pm

Prompt Post

I like prompts.

Sometimes I even use them as intended.

Nothing in guaranteed.

Want to leave me a prompt? Here's the place.
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2017-09-04 06:54 pm

WIP Amnesty - Untitled Teen Wolf / Tomorrow People (1973) Crossover

Title: Untitled
Characters: Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinksi, Allison Argent, Lydia Martin, Danny Mahealani, Elizabeth M'Bondo
Word Count: ~2500
Summary: Something something evil teacher at BHHS. Maybe there's meant to be an interstellar war?
Notes: I've been sitting on these story segments for years and it's become clear that there never going to be turned into a real story. So, enjoy what there is, if you want to.

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2017-02-28 08:34 pm

Fest: Fandom 5K

Dear 5K Writer-

Hi! I'm so happy you signed up and matched with me in the exchange. I'm very excited for whatever you choose to write. There's a lot of info below for you, should you be the kind of writer who will benefit from that, but please don't feel like you have to study it. If you already have a story idea, you don't like long letters, or you don't like my kind of prompting, then do what works for you. As long as you avoid my DNWs, I will enjoy your work.

Should you want to run an idea past someone who knows me, there's no one better than htbthomas, who has had to listen to me flail about every request here at some point.

Also, I'm LadySilver on AO3 and argentum_ls just about everywhere else (if the underscore doesn't work, try a hyphen).

Info )

Highlander: the Series )

Highlander: The Watcher )

Crossover Fandoms )

Travelers )

Again, I very much look forward to the work you're going to make. Thank you for signing up!
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2017-02-21 06:01 pm

Promo: Highlander: The Watcher

Because I'm requesting it in [community profile] fandom5k, I should probably promo this here. Highlander: The Watcher is a fan made movie set in the world of Highlander: the Series, featuring original characters. It was made and distributed with the permission of Davis/Panzer, making it more-or-less canon (to the same extent that anything is canon in HL, IMO).

My review from Amazon )
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2017-01-20 11:44 am
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Meme: 2016 Fanfic Year-in-Review

Total Word Count in 2016 = 72,311*

*This a difficult stat. Two stories posted on AO3 in 2016 were fully written and posted on LJ on 2015 ("Something Called Living" and "Ace in the Hole"), so I'm not counting them here. Also, "Something Called Honor" has substantially more written for it than has been been posted so far; I'm also not counting its unposted words. Whereas, "Something Called Justice" which was also written almost entirely in 2015, wasn't posted at all until 2016, so I am counting that.)

Stories written: 7
Number of fandoms written in: 6
Shortest story: 962 words
Longest story: 39187 (so far)
Average story length: 10,3330

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2017-01-16 09:35 pm

Fandom Stocking - Gifts Received

Apparently the delays were advantageous for other stocking stuffers, too, as this was a banner year for treats.

From [personal profile] bring_me_sugar was a coupon for a 500 word Psych ficlet.

From [personal profile] valarltd was a download code for an audio book from Audible.

[personal profile] sperrywink stuffed with two things: a set of icons for Sara Lance from Legends of Tomorrow and a delightful ficlet crossing over Leverage and Legends of Tomorrow: A Graph of the Heart - 1055 words - Sara/Parker, Hardison/Eliot - Sara walked into the bar like she owned it - T.

[personal profile] muccamukk went for some different Legends buttons with an excellent h/c ficlet focussed on Jax: On the Beach at Tintagel - 1368 words - Jax & Stein - A missing scene from the start of season two, after Jax and Martin are scattered, before they end up at Tintagel. Or, Gideon dropped everyone in the worst possible place, didn't she? - T

[personal profile] falcon_horus, [personal profile] twinsarein, and [personal profile] knowmefirst left seasons greetings.

From [personal profile] tarlanx came a pair of icons for The Listener, one featuring Oz and one featuring Toby.

[profile] weaslett wrote a darling Leverage ficlet about Hardison's perspective on Parker and McSweeten, which may be a pairing that truly is mine alone.

And [personal profile] sexycazzy made a surprise extra treat this afternoon with a Tomorrow People (2013) banner that I have got to write a story I can put it on.

Times like this, it's really awesome to be multi-fannish. Thanks to everyone who stuffed my stocking!
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2017-01-16 08:48 pm

Fandom Stocking - Gifts Given

The delays in [community profile] fandom_stocking's opening worked in my favor in a big way. I was able to stuff five stockings, three with ficlets. Sadly, that wasn't as many as I'd hoped and I wasn't able to squeeze in those last two I'd wanted because one of my kitties got suddenly ill and had to be put to sleep :(

My fic contributions were:

Theory and Practice - Leverage - Hardison/Parker/Eliot - 600 words - G - There are some things Hardison does not want to know.

Diversionary Tactics - Highlander - Amanda/Methos - 1300 words - T - Amanda's never been good at being bored.

Never Ever - Highlander - Methos, Amy Thomas, Joe, Duncan - 1400 words - G - Methos has been it all and done it all. Just ask him.
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2017-01-11 07:45 pm

(no subject)

[community profile] fandom_stocking got another delay to this weekend. I think this is a sign that it should simply move its reveal date to January 15th.

I now have 3 ficlets posted and one more substantially written. Even though I have to be at an in-service all day tomorrow and Friday, I think I may be able to squeeze in another one or two. This is already my most productive FS year. Now I want to see what kind of fandom variety I can generate.
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2017-01-10 07:20 pm

(no subject)

The reveals for [community profile] fandom_stocking were pushed to January 11th from the usual January 6th opening. As a consequence, I am sitting here with one ficlet posted and three more within spitting distance of being done, instead of the grand zero I had ready to go on the 6th. Can I do it? Can I get all three ficlets done?
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2017-01-06 01:41 pm

Fest Roundup - Gifts Given

All the stories I wrote this season were tough nuts to crack, in one way or another.

[community profile] crossovering sign-ups finished with me being unmatchable on people I could write for, which gave me first dibs at the list of people who were unmatchable on writers. Fortunately, there was no shortage of fandoms I was familiar with; the only issue was that I hadn't written in any of them before, so trying to do a crossover with two new fandoms was a challenge. [ profile] saturnofthemoon was requesting several fandoms that I am currently familiar with, one of which I was in the middle of my second consecutive binge-watch on, so I chose her to match with. After tossing around several ideas and combinations, I wrote:

Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow. - Leverage/DC's Legends of Tomorrow - 2000 words - Hardison finds an incriminating photograph of Eliot that reveals surprises in Eliot's past and future.

[ profile] yuletide_admin was a deliberate risk. As big and permanent of a fan as I am of any of The Tomorrow People shows, I did one or more stories in them the last several years, so this year I threw in with Houdini & Doyle, a show I really enjoyed over the summer and had requesters I'm not already friends with. I matched to [ profile] seren_ccd and, after several false starts and a great deal of research that kept blowing holes in my plans, wrote:

Find a Penny - Houdini & Doyle - 1761 words - Adelaide hasn't always been Adelaide, and she doesn't know if she always will be.

Finally, there was Shortcuts. I really appreciate how the mod for that works to shuffle assignments around so it's not the same people matching with the same people every year. Considering what a small group we are, that must be difficult. This year I was assigned to [ profile] morgynleri. Among her character requests was Richie Ryan, who was probably the reason for the match, only my head's in a really specific place with him right now because of the SFC universe that I've now been writing for over a year. So I went with a different character selection and decided to do a story about the spin-off girl Katherine and her mortal husband Nick. I ended up with:

Where the Love Light Gleams - Highlander - 2400 words - Nick only wants his family together for the holidays.

Though I started several, I didn't manage any treats this year. Here's to hoping I can pull something together for [community profile] fandom_stocking
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2017-01-06 12:15 pm

Fest Roundup - Gifts Received

This has been an interesting exchange season, in part because of Real Life drama that has been going on a lot longer than it should, and because, for some reason, my requests keep going to pinch hit at the last minute. My [community profile] crossovering request went to ph three days after assignments were due and my [ profile] yuletide_admin request went to ph the day before assignments were due. (I feel I must have gotten a reputation somewhere as a difficult assignee. How do I fix this?) I also did [ profile] hlh_shortcuts and didn't go to ph, which is good because I wasn't available this year to pick up any pinch hits. ;)

The consequence, oddly enough, has been some really enjoyable gifts.


I Left My Heart in 1990 by [ profile] flukeoftheuniverse - Highlander/DC's Legends of Tomorrow - 3390 words - The Waverider crew picks up a guest after an unsuccessful trip to the 90s to find Vandal Savage. Vandal Savage does not appear in this story.


Beyond Metropolis by [ profile] setcheti - Beyond Metropolis (Song) - Shriekback - 2223 words - The world outside the walls of Metropolis had blue skies, just like in my mother's stories.

Metropolis, My Love by [ profile] foxtwin - Beyond Metropolis (Song) - Shriekback - 1234 words - A canonically conceptual view of Metropolis from the outside.

In This Darkest Closet, Tryin' to Figure It Out by [ profile] htbthomas - My Secret Identity - 1544 words - Andrew, Kirk and Cassie are trapped in a closet, and Kirk only has one question: why won't Andrew use his powers?

and I got an NYR

Pack is Home, Home is Pack by [ profile] mercybuckets - Wolfblood - 2771 words - Maddy juggles exams, applications, diplomacy and plans for the future. On top of everything, Rhydian is acting weird and her powers are acting up. One thing’s for sure, life in Canada for a teenaged wolfblood is no picnic.

HLH Shortcuts

Introspective Christmas or how to turn your life upside down in the course of an hour by [ profile] banbury - Highlander - 1595 words - Open your eyes and you might find something unexpected.
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2016-12-15 08:22 pm
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Fest: Fandom Stocking


I have hung out a stocking.

If you are interested in stuffing it with treats, drabbles, icons, squee, well-wishes, or anything else, you can do so here. Stockings will open in early January.

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2016-10-09 09:36 pm

Fest: Yuletide

Dear Yuletide Writer:

First of all, thank you so much for signing up! We already have at least one fandom in common, which is the important part. It's like cake. Cake is my favorite part. I hope the rest of what follows is just frosting.

What follows is a run-down of my likes/dislikes, favorite tropes, and some specific fandom discussion with sentence prompts. Use what you need to, but know that I know that ODAO. You're also welcome to stalk me online. I'm [ profile] LadySilver AO3, [personal profile] argentum_ls, Argentum_LS on, and [ profile] argentum-ls on tumblr. I participate in a lot of exchanges and fests, which means I've thrown a lot of prompts out into the void. Should you see a prompt from a different exchange/fest/generic rambling that you'd like to use, go for it! (Even if it's already been filled).

Everything that follows is a lot of nattering, really. If you're happy with what I put in the sign-up, you prefer to write unprompted, or you have no time for a long letter, then please don't feel obligated to read this. Nothing in here is a demand. As long as you avoid my DNWs, I'll enjoy your story.

Requested Fandoms

This year, I'm requesting three TV shows and a song. I've never requested a song before. I have requested the three shows other times and written in all of them, too, if that matters to you.

  • The Tomorrow People (2013)
  • My Secret Identity
  • Wolfblood
  • Beyond Metropolis - Shriekback

    About Me )
    Tropes )
    Do Not Wants )

    The Tomorrow People (2013) )
    My Secret Identity )
    Wolfblood )
    Beyond Metropolis - Shriekback )

    I very much look forward to the work you're going to make. Thank you for signing up!
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    2016-10-08 09:04 pm

    Misc. Fests and Prompts and stuff


    I'm signed up for [ profile] hlh_shortcuts. This is old news, though it still bears mentioning. My sign-up hasn't changed much from last year, though I find that every year, the list of things I'm curious to see gets bigger and more tilted toward rare characters and pairings. Next year, I might pull out the dartboard and see what happens.

    Gotta figure out my sign-up for [ profile] yuletide_admin by Monday. I know what I want to request (I have a pretty solid stable of Yuletide fandoms at this point), with no idea what to offer.

    In the meantime, I'm waiting for the [community profile] crossovering archive to open. It was supposed to go live today, only a last minute bail out by a pinch hitter has put a delay on it. Alas, I don't know the fandoms in the assignment well enough to help.


  • Highlander/Tomorrow People (1973) - In the TP serial "The Blue and the Green," we're introduced to a species of alien of that farms its children out to be raised by other intelligent species, in much the same way that cuckoos lay their eggs in the nests of other birds. When the cuckoo children reach adolescence, they must accumulate violent energy by way of inciting the host species around them to war so they can finish maturing and leave the planet. Imagine the HL Immortals as a type of this species. However, instead of inciting the host species to violence, they accumulate their violent energy from killing each other. Eventually, the "one" will have enough energy to finish maturing and leave, to begin the cycle all over again--which would work much better if only one parent at a time seeded a planet.

  • Highlander - Tessa survives the shooting, which puts her front-and-center on seeing Richie's training. It's one thing for her to know that Duncan sometimes has to go kill people; it's another for her to see Richie have to learn to do the same thing.
  • argentum_ls: Methos (Methos)
    2016-10-07 02:11 pm

    Fest: Highlander Shortcuts

    I'm a little late posting this here this year, but there's still time to sign up! Come one, come all.

    As a note: the mod is going to try direct-to-AO3 posting this year, so the "first story posted" date on the banner may turn out to be "all stories revealed."

     photo Shortcuts.jpg
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    2016-09-14 02:54 pm
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    Fest: Yuletide Nominations

    I have, of course, put in my nominations for Yuletide again.

    This year, that means:

    The Tomorrow People (1992)
    Adam Newman
    Megabyte Damon
    Lisa Davies
    Jade Weston

    The Tomorrow People (2013)
    Stephen Jameson
    Luca Jameson
    Monty the Magnificent
    Kurt Rundel

    Maddy Smith
    Rhydian Morris
    Jana Vilkas
    Tim Jeffries
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    2016-07-13 05:48 pm

    Fest: Crossovering

    Dear Crossovering Writer:

    Thank you so much for signing up for this exchange and for agreeing to write me a story. Crossovers are one of my favorite types of stories, so I can't wait to see what you come up with.

    I'm [ profile] LadySilver, [ profile] argentum-ls, and [personal profile] argentum_ls. Feel free to browse my feeds. If you have any questions, htbthomas can help you with answers.

    Below I've listed some general likes and dislikes, a brief breakdown of what I like in each fandom I've requested (along with favorite characters and pairings), and sentence prompts. I know there's a lot of information here. Everything is optional, though I really hope you'll avoid my DNWs. Use what you want to, and please don't feel like you have to tick off every box. This info is meant to make things easier for you, not harder.

    Fandoms included:

    Being Human (US)
    Highlander: the Series
    Houdini & Doyle
    Legends of Tomorrow
    The Listener
    Now You See Me

    Likes and Dislikes )

    Fandom Breakdowns )

    Prompts )

    Thank you again for signing up. I hope you have a great time writing!
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    2016-07-06 02:14 pm
    Entry tags:

    Crossovering speculation

    The Crossovering tag set is up, with 205 fandoms that made the cut, including 7 of the 8 that I nominated.

    A glance through shows 18 fandoms that I'd be interested in playing with this time, either as a writer or a reader, though a few are at the bottom of the list because I'm not fresh on the canon.

    The request pools so far:

    1. Forever, Highlander: the Series, Houdini & Doyle, DC's Legends of Tomorrow
    2. Arrow, Highlander: the Series, Leverage, Psych, The Listener, Now You See Me
    3. TBD

    Other ones on my list are:

    Young Wizards
    The Kingsman: Secret Service
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    The Flash
    The Middleman
    Quantum Leap
    Teen Wolf

    Suggestions on grouping and/or for prompts are always welcome.
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    2016-06-27 08:43 pm

    Fest: You Can Do That in Fanfic

    Dear Scribbler,

    Hi! Thank you for signing up for this exchange.

    I'm LadySilver on AO3 and argentum_ls just about everywhere else (if the underscore doesn't work, try a hyphen).

    Below is a lot of nattering about what I like in my chosen fandoms. I've also included a lot of prompts and ideas. Use what you need to, but please, please do not think that any of these prompts are must-haves on my end. If none of the prompts speak to you (or if you prefer to write unprompted), then do what works for you. As long as you avoid my DNWs, I will enjoy your story.

    Also, I participate in a lot of exchanges and fests. Sometimes I post prompt ideas directly to my DW or tumblr. All prompts are fair-game, no matter how old they are or whether someone filled them already, so if something I've posted elsewhere grabs your attention, go with it. Should you want to run an idea past someone who knows me, there's no one better than htbthomas, who has had to listen to me flail about every one of these fandoms.

    Info )
    H2O: Just Add Water )
    My Secret Identity )
    The Tomorrow People (1973) )
    Wolfblood )

    I very much look forward to the work you're going to make. Thank you for signing up!