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Dear Scribbler,

Hi! Thank you for signing up for this exchange.

I'm LadySilver on AO3 and argentum_ls just about everywhere else (if the underscore doesn't work, try a hyphen).

Below is a lot of nattering about what I like in my chosen fandoms. I've also included a lot of prompts and ideas. Use what you need to, but please, please do not think that any of these prompts are must-haves on my end. If none of the prompts speak to you (or if you prefer to write unprompted), then do what works for you. As long as you avoid my DNWs, I will enjoy your story.

Also, I participate in a lot of exchanges and fests. Sometimes I post prompt ideas directly to my DW or tumblr. All prompts are fair-game, no matter how old they are or whether someone filled them already, so if something I've posted elsewhere grabs your attention, go with it. Should you want to run an idea past someone who knows me, there's no one better than htbthomas, who has had to listen to me flail about every one of these fandoms.

Info )
H2O: Just Add Water )
My Secret Identity )
The Tomorrow People (1973) )
Wolfblood )

I very much look forward to the work you're going to make. Thank you for signing up!
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Dear Trick or Treat writer,

Hi! Thank you for signing up for some tricks or treats. I'm so excited about the possibilities of this exchange and I want to encourage you to push the boundaries, in the spirit of the holiday. Below is all the info from my sign up. If you want more info or more specific prompts, feel free to browse my other exchange letters. If none of them inspire you, or you have an idea for something else you think I'd like, please go with what does inspire you instead. You can also hit up my ask box, which has anon turned on, or talk to htbtomas, who both knows my tastes and knows how to keep a secret.

I'm LadySilver on AO3 and argentum_ls just about everywhere else (if the underscore doesn't work, try a hyphen).

Most of what follows is geared toward fic because that's what I know. Art fills are more than welcome! I'm not fond of chibis. Beyond that, I welcome the opportunity to broaden my horizons.

Info )

Arrow )

Dead Last )

Highlander: the Series )

Mako Mermaids )

Teen Wolf )

The Tomorrow People (2013) )

Wolfblood )


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