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In November 1995, the Tomorrow People Fiction List (TPFICT) was started. This mailing list served as the foundation for the online Tomorrow People fandom, running for over 15 years and leading to the creation of other mailing lists and discussion groups, webpages, a tremendous variety of fanworks, real life friendships, and even conventions. Although the list is gone now, its impact on Tomorrow People fans and fandom is undeniable. This prompt meme is in celebration of the 20th anniversary of TPFICT's formation and is open to all Tomorrow People fans, regardless of whether you were part of TPFICT or came into the fandom a different way.
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Title: All the Little Background Noises
Characters: Elizabeth M'Bondo, Carol, TIM, original characters
Rating: G
Word Count: 6100
Summary: In a paradox of governments everywhere, Federation Ambassadors are sent off-world to live and work, while still speaking for their people back home. When Ambassador Elizabeth receives some world-changing news, she has to decide where she fits in and whom she speaks for.
Notes: Written for [personal profile] malinaldarose on the occasion of [ profile] rarewomen and set in modern times.

Link to AO3
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For achieving 2nd place in Angst Bingo, I won 30 icons. I requested a batch of TP CW icons, and now I'm posting them here to share. The creator is [ profile] synnerxx. Please credit her.

Icons )
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Title: The Thickness of Blood
Fandom: Arrow/Tomorrow People CW
Characters: Stephen Jameson, Oliver Queen, John Young, Cara
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: WIP
Summary: When Stephen and Oliver discover that secrets run in the family, they also learn that there's more than one way to fight a war.
Notes: SPOILERS for the TP CW.

Chapter 1 - 2800 words
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Premiers in October at 9:00pm EST on Wednesdays, after Arrow.

All of my life's goals are now fulfilled.

I'm going to need new icons now. Does anyone want to make me an icon or two?
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Title: Isolated
Word Count: 800
Characters: Adam Newman, General Damon, Megabyte Damon
Rating: PG
Notes: For [ profile] angst_bingo prompt: quarantine.
Summary: The choice between the life of your child and the fate of the world is never an easy one.

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Title: Verdict
Summary: John has been charged by the peaceful Sorson-Thargon Alliance for Crimes Against Sentience.
Word Count: 900
Warning: Genocide

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Title: Lane Change
Summary: After "A Rift in Time," John, Stephen, and Elizabeth discover that their travels aren't over.
Word Count: 3534

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Title: In This Together
Summary: Adam's healing power is needed for a new use.
Word Count: 1622

Adam had a franticness about his movements that Ami had rarely seen. )
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Fic written for [ profile] fandom_stocking.

For: [ profile] fikgirl
Title: Cornered
Summary: Damon has a question to which he's not going to like the answer.
Word Count: 1878
Notes: Fic is being double-counted for The Snowflake Challenge - Day 9 because it was started in January and took most of the month to finish.

He found her at odd times and places, once every few months or so, not as if he were searching for her, but as if it were inevitable that their paths had to cross. )
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A series of unrelated crossover ficlets featuring characters from Teen Wolf

#1: The Tomorrow People (NS)

Summary: Allison learns why she's never felt like she fits in.

Word Count: 1075

#1: The Tomorrow People )


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