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Dear Crossovering Writer:

Thank you so much for signing up for this exchange and for agreeing to write me a story. Crossovers are one of my favorite types of stories, so I can't wait to see what you come up with.

I'm [ profile] LadySilver, [ profile] argentum-ls, and [personal profile] argentum_ls. Feel free to browse my feeds. If you have any questions, htbthomas can help you with answers.

Below I've listed some general likes and dislikes, a brief breakdown of what I like in each fandom I've requested (along with favorite characters and pairings), and sentence prompts. I know there's a lot of information here. Everything is optional, though I really hope you'll avoid my DNWs. Use what you want to, and please don't feel like you have to tick off every box. This info is meant to make things easier for you, not harder.

Fandoms included:

Being Human (US)
Highlander: the Series
Houdini & Doyle
Legends of Tomorrow
The Listener
Now You See Me

Likes and Dislikes )

Fandom Breakdowns )

Prompts )

Thank you again for signing up. I hope you have a great time writing!
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Title: Mindful
Fandom: The Listener
Characters: Toby Logan, Tia Tremblay, Toby/Tia
Rating: PG
Word Count: 3720
Summary: The morning after "Fatal Vision," Toby works to rebuild his relationship with Tia while trying to find a person who they suspect is going to commit a crime.
Notes: Written for [personal profile] skieswideopen for the event of [ profile] yuletide.

Link to AO3
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In order of receipt:

Title: Once for the Devil
Author: hardticket
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Characters/Pairings: Scott/Isaac, Stiles, Derek
Event: Teen Wolf Fall Harvest
Word Count: 2000
Rating: R
Warnings: sex pollen, dub con
Summary: Scott and Isaac get hit with some funky Wolfsbane. Stiles may or may not be to blame.

Title: Tangled Words in Twilight Worlds
Author: [ profile] lirren
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Characters/Pairings: Scott/Stiles with background Scott/Allison
Event: Teen Wolf Holidays
Word Count: 3450
Rating: R
Warnings: Discussion of canon character death
Summary: Trapped together by a spell gone awry, Scott and Stiles realign the boundaries of friendship to regain their freedom, and in the process learn something about each other and themselves.

Title: He Dreams
Author: [ profile] morgynleri
Fandom: Highlander
Characters: Methos, Lorien, John Sheridan, The Morrigan, Henry V of England, The Brigid, Joe Dawson, Anat, Gollum, Frodo Baggins, Samwise Gamgee, JRR Tolkien
Event: Highlander Holiday Short Cuts
Word Count: 1000
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Character death
Summary: He walks dreams and he dreams reality, and one turns into the other and back again.

Title: Underneath My Skin
Author: [ profile] teaandhoney
Fandom: BtVS/AtS
Characters: Connor, Dawn, Willow, Kit, Carlos
Events: Wishlist
Word Count: ?
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
Summary: "Connor is learning to trust his instincts again - well worn paths in his brain, burnt in savagely for survival when he was growing up in Quor'Toth , that were shadowed and muted the past few years but have now lit up again brightly. They are useful but he must keep that side of himself under check because he has seen were it all lead before, doesn't particularly like the person he used to be."

Title: Who We Are
Author: [ profile] brutti_ma_buoni
Fandom: BtVS/AtS
Characters: Dawn, Conoor
Event: In Small Packages
Word Count: 400
Rating: PG
Summary: in fulfillment of the prompt: "we are who we are."

Title: Anything for a Friend
Author: [ profile] daylightfire
Fandom: The Listener
Characters: Oz, Toby
Event: Yuletide
Word Count: 3812
Rating: PG
Summary: When Oz decides to observe Ramadan, Toby finds the only way to help him is to join him. Will the two survive 30 days of fasting?

Title: Something Old, Something New
Author: [ profile] carolinecrane
Fandom: My Secret Identity
Characters: Andrew, Dr. J, Erin
Event: Yuletide Madness
Word Count: 551
Rating: G
Summary: No wedding ever goes off without a hitch.
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Title: Touch and Go
Characters: Toby, Olivia
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1160
Summary: After Olivia loses a patient in surgery, she goes to Toby to find out what happened.
Notes: For [community profile] hc_bingo prompt: surgery

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Title: Silence
Fandom: The Listener
Rating: PG
Length: 800
Author notes: For the Communication challenge at [community profile] fan_flashworks and for [ profile] angst_bingo prompt: head trauma. This is also my first fic in this fandom.
Warnings: None.
Summary: After an injury, Toby experiences quiet in his head for the first time.

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