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Dear Rarelywritten writer:

Thank you so much for signing up and offering to write for me! I'm very much looking forward to the story you write, and I'd like to make it as easy for you as I can.

I'm LadySilver on AO3 and argentum-ls just about everywhere else. If the hyphen doesn't work, try an underscore.

Most of what's below is copied from my Yuletide letter. I have several years of letters is a variety of exchanges posted. Should you be brave enough to go trolling through my old letters, know that any prompt I've ever posted is fair game, even if someone's already filled it. Should you have any idea for a story you think I'd like that you'd rather write, then do that instead. I would much rather you enjoyed writing the story than twist yourself in knots trying to fill a prompt that isn't working for you.

Likes and Dislikes )

Fandoms - Mako Mermaids, Tomorrow People (1992), Tomorrow People (2013), Wolfblood )

Thank you again for signing up. If you have any questions, you can contact htbthomas who knows all my tastes and knows how to keep a secret.
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My entries into the first round of fests were decidedly multi-fandom.

Shipswap )

Rarewomen )

Remix )
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Title: All the Little Background Noises
Characters: Elizabeth M'Bondo, Carol, TIM, original characters
Rating: G
Word Count: 6100
Summary: In a paradox of governments everywhere, Federation Ambassadors are sent off-world to live and work, while still speaking for their people back home. When Ambassador Elizabeth receives some world-changing news, she has to decide where she fits in and whom she speaks for.
Notes: Written for [personal profile] malinaldarose on the occasion of [ profile] rarewomen and set in modern times.

Link to AO3
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Exchanges two and three of this year happened to share a deadline and open on the same weekend, which made for quite the deadline scramble to get my contributions done.

[ profile] rarewomen was the first of these two exchanges. This one is also becoming my favorite. The types of stories that come out of it are right on the mark for what I like about fanfic: focus on a character that often involves deep character exploration and storylines that develop or extend the themes of the canon.

This year, my gift was in the Tomorrow People (2013) canon. I requested a story a that developed the background and motivations of any of three characters: Astrid Finch (the non-superpowered best friend), Irene Quinn (the science nerd), and Hillary Cole (the tough-as-nails agent for the enemy). I also suggested the possibility of throwing the three together on a mission, which struck me as interesting because they're not at all on the same side. [ profile] kalisgirl wrote me We Could Be Heros - 4.5K - Gen, which did everything!. Not only is it refreshing to get a story in this fandom that reads like an episode and that focuses on the women, but the author did a great job showing the strengths that each of the main characters brought to the team while retaining their voices.

[ profile] remixers_lounge was the second exchange and a new one for me. I've never done a remix at all, so this exchange promised a stretch to my writing abilities as well as the chance to have someone expand on my work.

My gift was a Teen Wolf story, I Will Keep You Safe and Warm (The On the Run Remix) - 1.1K - Scott/Isaac. This story remixed my story Chilled by taking the relationship the boys have where Isaac suffers nightmares of being locked in the freezer and Scott comforts him and projects it to a different location and different trigger. The author does an excellent job with this transformation. The final story stands on its own, yet still contains enough of its source that finding the influences in it had me smiling throughout.

I'll discuss my own contributions after all the exchanges are de-anoned.
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Dear Rarewomen writer:

Thank you so much for signing up for this exchange and for agreeing to write me a story. I'm so excited about what you're going to do and I'm very much looking forward to see which rarewoman or women you've chosen to write about! For your convenience, I have some info about what I like and dislike.

Likes and Dislikes )

H2O: Just Add Water )

Highlander: the Series )

The Tomorrow People (1973) )

The Tomorrow People (1992) )

The Tomorrow People (2013) )

I've tried to keep things open-ended with my extra info. Use what you need to, but don't agonize about stretching the boundaries. If you have any questions (or if you need more specific prompts), my tumblr has a really lonely ask box with anon turned on. You can also check in with htbthomas, who knows my tastes and knows how to keep a secret.

Thank you again!
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During the temporary lull in fests, it's time for a roundup. Over the past few months, I participated in three fests from which I received three stories and a bonus drabble, and for which I produced three stories.

April brought [profile] rarewomen. For this fest, [personal profile] brightknightie wrote me a delightful story based on Highlander: the Series and featuring a look at who Michelle, a one-off character, grew up to be in Yet There Are Many.

June saw the end to [profile] shipswap. From this fest, amathela gifted me with a cute Teen Wolf story featuring Scott/Danny and a little bit of drunken kissing in Positive Tension. Rumor has it that the author is considering writing a sequel, so if this pairing is up your alley, please go give her some encouragement.

Finally, July brought the reveals for [community profile] fkficfest. For this fest, [profile] gnosticdivia wrote me a chilling story featuring Nick and Natalie on the case of a vampire child in Bless the Child.

I also got an amazing drabble from [personal profile] amilyn.

My contributions for these fests were:

Hardest Road to Travel for [personal profile] crazyfoolstiney, which is a Laura and Derek pre-canon story based on a request for a Laura Hale story and a roadtrip.

Muscle Memory for musikurt, which is a Danny/Isaac story. No prompt was given. Ironically, this is my first fest gift that won't stop. I've already added 4K since the story went live and I continue to toy with more.

Never Saw This World Before for [personal profile] pj1228, which is a Nick and LaCroix story based on a request for Nick/LaCroix being forced to live together.

That makes three fests, three fandoms received in, and two fandoms written for.
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Title: Hardest Road to Travel
Characters: Laura Hale, Derek Hale, Original Characters
Rating: G
Word Count: 5000
Notes: For [ profile] crazyfoolstiney on the occasion of [ profile] rarewomen based on a request for pre-canon Laura Hale and a roadtrip.
Summary: In the days after the fire, Laura just wants to get Derek as far from Beacon Hills, as fast as possible. Then the car runs out of gas.

Link to AO3
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Following on from [personal profile] skieswideopen:

1. [ profile] shipswap is taking nominations.

2. [ profile] rarewomen is doing sign-ups.

3. [community profile] gen_battle is accepting prompts through February 20th.

4. [community profile] longfic_bingo is ongoing (and has no deadlines).

5. [ profile] crossoverfans is running a prompt event from now through March 10th.

For my fellow Teen Wolf fans, we also have:

6. [ profile] tw_ladies is running a Femmeslash February comment-a-thon.

7. [ profile] twrarepairfest is collecting screened prompts through the February 24th. Creator sign-ups are also through the 24th.

8. [ profile] twrarepairs has an on-going comment fic thread that really needs a lot more love.

9. [community profile] packmccallmeme is up and running and also needs more love.

For those who are curious, I'm signed up for rarewomen, longfic-bingo, and twrarepairfest; I plan to sign up for shipswap; and I have prompts at gen-battle, twrarepairs, and packmccallmeme.


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