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I'm signed up for [ profile] hlh_shortcuts. This is old news, though it still bears mentioning. My sign-up hasn't changed much from last year, though I find that every year, the list of things I'm curious to see gets bigger and more tilted toward rare characters and pairings. Next year, I might pull out the dartboard and see what happens.

Gotta figure out my sign-up for [ profile] yuletide_admin by Monday. I know what I want to request (I have a pretty solid stable of Yuletide fandoms at this point), with no idea what to offer.

In the meantime, I'm waiting for the [community profile] crossovering archive to open. It was supposed to go live today, only a last minute bail out by a pinch hitter has put a delay on it. Alas, I don't know the fandoms in the assignment well enough to help.


  • Highlander/Tomorrow People (1973) - In the TP serial "The Blue and the Green," we're introduced to a species of alien of that farms its children out to be raised by other intelligent species, in much the same way that cuckoos lay their eggs in the nests of other birds. When the cuckoo children reach adolescence, they must accumulate violent energy by way of inciting the host species around them to war so they can finish maturing and leave the planet. Imagine the HL Immortals as a type of this species. However, instead of inciting the host species to violence, they accumulate their violent energy from killing each other. Eventually, the "one" will have enough energy to finish maturing and leave, to begin the cycle all over again--which would work much better if only one parent at a time seeded a planet.

  • Highlander - Tessa survives the shooting, which puts her front-and-center on seeing Richie's training. It's one thing for her to know that Duncan sometimes has to go kill people; it's another for her to see Richie have to learn to do the same thing.
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    To my complete and utter shock, I managed to win NaNoWriMo again. I wasn't going to participate at all, but then a story bit me. Then another one. I idly kept track of my word count, but didn't stress over whether the daily minimum happened or not. Come Nov. 30th, I was about 5000 words behind--close enough that it seemed shameful not to at least try to win, yet far enough to make it unlikely. The most I've ever written in a day was 3K, and I think that only happened once in the 10 years I've done NaNo. Somehow I managed it. Granted, 4K of that is utter throw-away garbage of characters talking about useless things, but words are words.


    My story is finished. It was finished weeks ago. This will be the first year I've done Shortcuts and not blown through the deadlines. Beta reading is in progress and so far is proof of why getting an exchange story beta read is a good idea, because holy cow did I have some stupid errors (big ones, of the 'the character wouldn't do that' and 'the story doesn't make sense if...' type). Plus the plethora of nit-picky errors. There were a couple words in the story that were so utterly wrong that I'm clueless as to what word I was trying to come up with. Once all that is fixed, I really hope my recip likes the result because I am amazingly enthralled with this story and I really want to be able to gush about it.

    I thought I had the title locked down, but the more I edit, the more I think a different one would be better.


    No such luck here. Blank assignment = no fire.

    Fandom Stocking

    I'm pulling together my stocking sign up now. Mostly it's C&P from last year's with the additions of Supergirl, Psych, and Wolfblood. I keep debating whether to drop one or two of my inactive fandoms from last year's list in the interest of being more concise, then I think that not including them really will mean no chance to getting something in them. What to do?


    I'd like to be glad that this year is almost over, but that only matters if next year is better. So far, that doesn't appear to be in the cards.


    Methos as a 1970s punk rocker. I'm oddly obsessed with this image right now and I wish I had the skills to draw it myself. I can't decide if he'd play bass or if he'd be, like, #1 groupie.


    Took the kid to a Doctor Who convention for her birthday as part of our bi-annual tradition when we're in that town over Thanksgiving. She had a great time! I broke down and bought a new copy of the Big Finish Highlander season 2 audios, which I forced the family to listen to on the drive home. (Only I would go to a Doctor Who convention in order to get Highlander media). Very enjoyable audios and well-done fan works. It's a shame that there won't be more.

    I also talked briefly with the head of BF and he confirmed that they would like to get the TP rights back.

    On the topic of TP, I also took the kid and the nieces to play laser tag on Black Friday. The arena used to have a blue team and a red team. In between my last visit and this one, they replaced all the red gear with green gear. That meant that every game on this outing was the Blue vs. the Green. I may have made a few jokes about that that went right over the girls' heads.
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    Sign-ups closed with 1853 people on the list. No takers on two of my requests (Into the Wild Nerd Yonder and My Secret Identity), unless there are hidden bucket list offers. I'm not surprised. They were, and always will be, long-shots, even in the world of Yuletide fandoms. Psion did end up with an offer, and I am surprised about that. I'm going to have to hustle my re-read so that I can come up with requests. Meanwhile, TP '73 ended up at 5,4 and TP '13 at 6,6, blowing both of my predictions away. And Supergirl ended up at 11,19.

    I also took some risks with my offers that I will undoubtedly be kicking myself for later.


    My assignment is sweet. Now I just need to come up with a solid idea for a story. Well, and then I just need to write it. The 'writing it' is always the part that doesn't go according to any plans I make.

    So far, all my ideas would be in fulfillment of my own prompts, and I don't like doing that for exchanges unless I know my recip well enough to know that they're cool with the inside of my head.


    I know that the Raven spin-off was a behind-the-scenes nightmare for a lot of reasons, and as I re-watch episodes I wonder about the show we could have gotten. Then I find myself wondering what missed opportunities were the results of the BTS issues and which were simply missed? Like, of all the characters who were introduced on TS who were supposed to be significant to Amanda's history (Rebecca, Zachary Blaine, Cory, Kit), why were none of them brought in for appearances on the spin-off? (Reusing Rebecca footage from TS doesn't count). Were the actors all unavailable? Did they all refuse like Wingfield did? Were they never asked?

    In other random thoughts: How would Raven have been different if Ceirdwyn had been the star. While I know she was never one of the candidates, and it's entirely possible that the actress had aged past the ability to be a candidate, I think she would have made a hell of a central character on a show.

    More scenarios:

  • Methos going through the Watcher's Academy and having his patience tried by the Watchers being earnestly wrong about things related to Immortals and Immortality that he can't correct.

  • The Highlander Wiki lists Gregor as Alec Hill's teacher. So, Gregor goes Hunting for his student's killer, finds him (much to his surprise at who it is), and decides that neither a Challenge nor revenge is what he owes him.

  • (TP '13 / HL crossover) To an Immortal, a strong telepath "reads" like they have an Immortal signature. So, when Cara finally feels safe enough after the fall of ULTRA to leave the Lair and move topside, she finds herself accidentally and incorrectly being treated as a player in the Game. One of our canon Immortals figures out what's going on and takes her under their wing, which turns out to be a really smart decision for reasons the Immortal couldn't have predicted. (And suddenly I'm interested in all the shipping potential here.)
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    11/5 - Updated for the entry on Psion. Supergirl update is coming.
    12/1 - Updated for the entry on Supergirl

    Dear Yuletide Writer:

    First of all, thank you so much for signing up! We already have at least one fandom in common, which is the important part. It's like cake. Cake is my favorite part. I hope the rest of what follows is just frosting.

    What follows is a a run-down of my likes/dislikes, favorite tropes, and some specific fandom discussion with sentence prompts. Use what you need to, but know that I know that ODAO. You're also welcome to stalk me online. I'm LadySilver on and AO3, argentum_ls on DW and LJ, and argentum-ls on tumblr. I participate in a lot of exchanges and fests, which means I've thrown a lot of prompts out into the void. Should you see a prompt from a different exchange/fest that you'd like to use, go for it! (Even if it's already been filled).

    Overall, what I like in a story is plot; that is, I want something to happen. Beyond that, the reins are pretty loose. I like h/c and whump, angst, drama, humor, casefic, action/adventure, and romance. I'm open to gen, het, slash, poly—though I do have some fandom-specific preferences, which are listed below. I love pairings and I also love strong friendship and (pseudo)parent-child relationships. Ratings from G to hard-R are great. Crossovers are fantastic, though not anything I ever expect. I prefer canon based stories or canon-divergent AUs, and I prefer third-person storytelling, though I don't care if it's in past or present tense.

    Trope Wants )

    Do Not Wants )

    Fandoms: The Tomorrow People 1973, 2013; My Secret Identity; Psion; Into the Wild Nerd Yonder; Supergirl )

    Thank you again for signing up. I am very much looking forward to seeing the story you choose to write.
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    In the world of "What's amusing LS today?":

  • Cory Raines vs. Shawn Spencer

  • Any of the old Immortals stuck on the camping trip from Hell with a group of school kids or, worse, their parents-who-think-they-know-everything. What a clash there'd be amongst people who think they know something about how to survive in the wild and the person(s) who actually does.
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    I have things to write. There are deadlines coming up and obligations to meet. I have plenty of ideas, most of which make me grin at the thought of the completed story. Lord knows, I have the time to do all the writing I could ever want to do. Yet, every time I sit at the computer to write, I do something else. I can't blame writer's block because I don't feel blocked; I feel blah. It's writer's "I don't wanna." How I loathe having been pushed into this position, and how much more I loathe how I'm thwarted in all my efforts to leave it. I've been lucky to lead a life so far with few major regrets, but the decisions that brought me here are clearly the payback for that. I miss being full of desire to put words to page.

    More Highlander Scenarios

  • As Richie prepares to abandon his life in Seacouver, he decides to visit his old friends one last time. The visit brings home how much Immortality has changed him, but also how much he is--and always will be--the kid from the old neighborhood. He's also surprised to learn that at least one of his friends isn't going to accept his goodbye. (Because when am I ever not seeking a Secret Identity Reveal story?)

  • We never see Joe learning about Richie's first death. Perhaps he was Watching that night, but I doubt it. He and Duncan were acquainted enough at that point that if Joe had been at the house, I think he'd have broken cover, all things considered. (On a picayune point, Richie was 19 when he died, yet we see him drinking at Joe's bar before he's legally 21. Does Joe not care about legal age when the customer is Immortal? Does he just shrug his shoulders at Richie's fake ID because it's only going to be the first of many? I could actually see Richie being the one to tell Joe what happened because he wants a drink and he figures age doesn't matter anymore.)

  • Something like "Bad Day in Building A," where it's a human crisis with an Immortal solution, only the hero is anyone other than Duncan. The different characters' ways of solving problems are always fun to see.


    Sign-ups are apace. There are 719 people registered at the moment, with the usual amazingly diverse spread of fandoms. There's even (currently) someone else requesting and offering TP '13. Yesterday, there were three someone elses. Last year, we went 8,9 on that fandom. My prediction for this year is 3,4. No takers yet on TP '73. That and all my other current requests are 1,0, save for Supergirl, which looks to be a Yuletide favorite.

    I'm amused by how many participants' names I recognize, most of them fondly. Lots of people there I wish I could gather around me and get to know better.

    I suppose I should write my letter, but I don't wanna.


    Assignment, assignment, where are you assignment? I need to knoooooow.


    Probably not, this year. Of course, I said that last year, too and we know how that turned out
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    Naturally, I've been reading a lot of Highlander fanfic. A lot. And I have found some very, very good stories. There might even be a rec-set coming.

    There are, however, a few scenarios I either haven't found or haven't found enough of:

  • Methos and Richie together. There's so much potential in the something old-something new scenario that the canon rather skipped merrily over. The obvious way is for Methos to come in to train Richie. But what about some scenario where Richie either knows or understands something that Methos doesn't? Yeah, Methos has been around forever and had time to learn everything, but there are still experiences he is not capable of having, such as being a child. Methos doesn't remember youth--he's only been able to observe it from the outside--so maybe he and Richie could take some perspective lessons from each other. Using this to address their respective issues with the Game could be interesting.

  • For Reasons Richie agrees to take on the role of Fake!Methos, and real Methos has to coach him in how to pretend to act really, really old. This could be especially fun if it were part of some scam or con the two were running. Maybe they switch roles, and Methos takes on the part of the wide-eyed innocent who's been seduced into the Cult of Methos.

  • Danny Cimoli and Monty the Magnificent (TP '13) teaming up for an act. I think "Now You See Me" has created some kind of love for stage magicians who aren't exactly above-board for how (or why) they do their acts. ("The Immortal Cimoli" has a nicely ambiguous ending, which I'm going to insist comes out in favor of Danny.) (Also, also, would it be possible for a TP to kill an Immortal?)

  • Richie and Doctor Anne had some time together while Duncan was dealing with the events of "Finale." Anne had just learned about Immortals and really had little idea what the whole thing was about. Having learned that Duncan was 400, she might assume that all Immortals are equally old. Richie, meanwhile, is dealing with his first public death, which was probably also his first real hint of what the long term consequences of Immortality are. There's room here for a scenario where they share their fears with each other, or where Anne tries to lean on Richie as an expert and Richie realizes how much of life is "fake it til you make it," or where word of the threatened public Immortal reveal gets back to them and Anne tries to help Richie prepare for being outed, or where Anne and Richie work together to prepare Richie for the next time he ends up in the morgue.

  • The expression Methos makes in "Indiscretions" right before the Quickening suggested to me that he doesn't like Quickenings. I'd love to know more about this.

  • In "Indiscretions," Joe showed up to save Amy with an Immortal in tow. Amy didn't give any indication of recognizing Adam Pierson, nor did she react when Joe referred to Methos as "The Doctor." How much did Amy know prior to this about Joe's violation of the Watcher oath? Did she realize how casually he hangs around with Immortals-who-aren't-Duncan? What does she think about what happened? What does she do about what happened? After all, Methos was hanging out in the bar while she was having her talk with Joe at the end of the episode. Could she really ignore the Immortal sitting right there, casually drinking a beer after killing her first field assignment?
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    Kamir: Men like us must preserve where we come from because that is what makes us sane. That is what makes us holy.

    Richie: Sure. If you come from somewhere. Or someone.

    Kamir: You only say this because you don't know who your parents are? No Immortal does. We are children and heirs of the time and place that bore us.

    Richie: So... Mac's got the Highlands. You've got India. I've got bowling allies and fast food joints.

    --"The Wrath of Kali"

    This exchange gets to the heart of what I like about Richie and what I would have liked more of with him. When MacLeod found him, he quite literally pulled Richie off the streets, out of poverty, and out of the kind of life of petty crime that's only going to lead to jail (best case scenario) and gave him a home, a family, and opportunity. He also introduced Richie to this epic and exciting world of Immortals and The Game and a whole bunch of other common nouns that have been upgraded to capital letters, and it was all like Richie had fallen into a fairy tale. MacLeod's 400 years old. Amanda's over a 1000. Richie routinely met or heard about other people with multiple centuries, if not millennia, to their ages and the colorful bits of history they lived through or helped create. Then Richie became an Immortal and took up a sword, and discovered that Immortality was nowhere near as glamorous as he'd believed. For starters, Richie hadn't been raised in a time that expected young men to become warriors who expected to fight, die, and kill, and now he was expected to do all of those. He became an Immortal, but he didn't come into a fount of knowledge/experience that made the world any clearer to him or become rich, or important, or develop any kind of grand purpose. Coming back from the dead didn't transform him into a fairy-tale Hero.

    I think this was all very confusing to him, and more than a little bit of a let down. The world of Immortals is violent and dangerous and, frankly, not anywhere near as morally clear as Mac had presented it. Richie's life had changed in fundamentally important ways, but his world really hadn't. He still knew the same people he'd always known, went to the same places he'd always gone, and struggled with the same problems he'd always had. The only time he died in such a way that it became an inconvenience for him, he was in France. Yes, he saw the death of his dream to become a professional racer, but France was not his home turf. Leaving the country and giving up his identity there was a temporary setback in the scheme of things. In a sense, he died, and respawned back in Seacouver as if the whole France thing had been nothing more than a dream he'd had to wake up from too soon. Back to square one, without even a decent story to show for it.

    What I wanted from his story was to see someone going down the road of Immortality for the first time, and to see the world he'd lived in slip further and further away because he couldn't keep growing with it. What would it have been like for Angie to run into him during season 5 and wonder how he'd barely aged since the last time she saw him? How would he deal when he had to face leaving Seacouver, the city he'd spent his entire formative life in, for a whole generation? At what point would he need to start thinking about faking a public death so that people he knew when he was kid (e.g. Maria Alcobar) would stop trying to reconnect with him? And then, how would he pull it off? How would he, specifically, deal with the kind of long-term relationships where his SO starts trying to transition from the fairly nomadic lifestyle that's acceptable in twenty-somethings to the kind of settled life that he's never going to look old enough to be able to reach? And what will he do when he wants the lifestyle expected of older people? We got a glimpse of that story with Donna, but the threat of Kern came on so fast and so strong that the decisions were all but taken out of his hands.

    What would happen when Richie's sitting in a college classroom next to Mary Lindsey and realizing that the version of Richie she knows cannot be who he is?

    The experiences Richie'd have as a new Immortal would be very different as a perpetual adolescent than those Duncan had as a perpetual thirty-something, not just because of the eras of their first lifetimes, but because of the societal expectations put on them based solely on how old they appear to be. As American society continues to push the age of maturity further up, I think Richie's story would only become more interesting; what he'd be allowed to want with a twenty-year old face in 1995 is different than what he'd be allowed to want in 2015, so in a sense he'd be forced to de-age just when he most wanted to be taken seriously as an adult. The unfortunate part about a show featuring characters who never age is that their actors do, so there's no way to come back to many of these ideas in live-action. Also, there's the whole matter of "Archangel," damn the producers. So, getting to see this story play out is sadly impossible.

    Richie wanted to be connected to a place and a time where his presence mattered. I would have liked to have seen more focus on his journey toward discovering that one doesn't need to be a fairy tale hero to have that.
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    Compiled from tumblr.

    Cut for season 2 spoilers )


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