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This has been an interesting exchange season, in part because of Real Life drama that has been going on a lot longer than it should, and because, for some reason, my requests keep going to pinch hit at the last minute. My [community profile] crossovering request went to ph three days after assignments were due and my [ profile] yuletide_admin request went to ph the day before assignments were due. (I feel I must have gotten a reputation somewhere as a difficult assignee. How do I fix this?) I also did [ profile] hlh_shortcuts and didn't go to ph, which is good because I wasn't available this year to pick up any pinch hits. ;)

The consequence, oddly enough, has been some really enjoyable gifts.


I Left My Heart in 1990 by [ profile] flukeoftheuniverse - Highlander/DC's Legends of Tomorrow - 3390 words - The Waverider crew picks up a guest after an unsuccessful trip to the 90s to find Vandal Savage. Vandal Savage does not appear in this story.


Beyond Metropolis by [ profile] setcheti - Beyond Metropolis (Song) - Shriekback - 2223 words - The world outside the walls of Metropolis had blue skies, just like in my mother's stories.

Metropolis, My Love by [ profile] foxtwin - Beyond Metropolis (Song) - Shriekback - 1234 words - A canonically conceptual view of Metropolis from the outside.

In This Darkest Closet, Tryin' to Figure It Out by [ profile] htbthomas - My Secret Identity - 1544 words - Andrew, Kirk and Cassie are trapped in a closet, and Kirk only has one question: why won't Andrew use his powers?

and I got an NYR

Pack is Home, Home is Pack by [ profile] mercybuckets - Wolfblood - 2771 words - Maddy juggles exams, applications, diplomacy and plans for the future. On top of everything, Rhydian is acting weird and her powers are acting up. One thing’s for sure, life in Canada for a teenaged wolfblood is no picnic.

HLH Shortcuts

Introspective Christmas or how to turn your life upside down in the course of an hour by [ profile] banbury - Highlander - 1595 words - Open your eyes and you might find something unexpected.
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I'm signed up for [ profile] hlh_shortcuts. This is old news, though it still bears mentioning. My sign-up hasn't changed much from last year, though I find that every year, the list of things I'm curious to see gets bigger and more tilted toward rare characters and pairings. Next year, I might pull out the dartboard and see what happens.

Gotta figure out my sign-up for [ profile] yuletide_admin by Monday. I know what I want to request (I have a pretty solid stable of Yuletide fandoms at this point), with no idea what to offer.

In the meantime, I'm waiting for the [community profile] crossovering archive to open. It was supposed to go live today, only a last minute bail out by a pinch hitter has put a delay on it. Alas, I don't know the fandoms in the assignment well enough to help.


  • Highlander/Tomorrow People (1973) - In the TP serial "The Blue and the Green," we're introduced to a species of alien of that farms its children out to be raised by other intelligent species, in much the same way that cuckoos lay their eggs in the nests of other birds. When the cuckoo children reach adolescence, they must accumulate violent energy by way of inciting the host species around them to war so they can finish maturing and leave the planet. Imagine the HL Immortals as a type of this species. However, instead of inciting the host species to violence, they accumulate their violent energy from killing each other. Eventually, the "one" will have enough energy to finish maturing and leave, to begin the cycle all over again--which would work much better if only one parent at a time seeded a planet.

  • Highlander - Tessa survives the shooting, which puts her front-and-center on seeing Richie's training. It's one thing for her to know that Duncan sometimes has to go kill people; it's another for her to see Richie have to learn to do the same thing.
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    I'm a little late posting this here this year, but there's still time to sign up! Come one, come all.

    As a note: the mod is going to try direct-to-AO3 posting this year, so the "first story posted" date on the banner may turn out to be "all stories revealed."

     photo Shortcuts.jpg
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    I signed up for two winter exchanges this year, and ended up writing three stories for them.

    For Yuletide, I matched on The Tomorrow People (1973) and wrote:

    Gaming the System for Marien - 2385 words - Sometimes a fad is an alien conspiracy to take over the world and sometimes it's just a fad. Telling the difference is the problem.

    Read more... )

    For Shortcuts, I was assigned to [personal profile] idontlikegravy who started her list of preferred characters with Richie, which immediately sealed the question of whom I was going to be writing about. For her, I wrote:

    Something Called Living" - 19,535 words - Of all the morgues in all the world, Richie Ryan just had to wake up in Henry Morgan's.

    Read more... )

    For the first time, I got my Shortcuts story turned in on time. Before time, even. So, when the call went out for a last minute pinch-hit, I grabbed it, because not writing a story after deadline just didn't feel right.

    For [ profile] mackiedockie, I wrote:

    Ace in the Hole - 3195 words - A stormy night stuck in the bar with Methos gives Joe the chance to find out something he’s wanted to know for a long time.

    Read more... )
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    I've gotten out of the habit of posting about the stories I've received here, so I guess there's no time like the new year to see if I can reclaim the habit.


    Highlander Shortcuts

    Of the two exchanges I joined this winter, this one opened first.

    My gift is the fantastic:

    Like New (LJ link) - Methos is definitely not a new Immortal, but Richie doesn't know that and Methos isn't about to tell him.

    The author is currently anon, though I think I know who it is [ profile] flukeoftheuniverse.

    Comments: A super fun scenario that lets us revisit Richie when he was a brand new Immortal and "meet" Methos when he was still firmly Adam Pierson and invested in keeping it that way. One of the issues I had with the later seasons of HL is that Richie and Methos never got any real on-screen time together, and this story nicely shows how it could have happened. It is canon divergent (which is always fine by me), yet not so much so that it disrupts anything that happens on the show. I think my favorite part of the story is that Richie gets to step up and be the one in charge and, while it doesn't work out the way he thinks it should, he's not punished for that, either by the other characters or the narrative.


    And we have a second winner with a Supergirl story:

    You're My Freak (AO3 link) - Four times that Kara using her powers nearly gave Alex a heart attack and the one time Alex asked her to use them.

    The author is currently anon, but I definitely know who it is. (Hi, Tig!) [personal profile] tptigger

    Comments: Sister love! It's a story of pure sister love. The five scenarios in the story start shortly after Kara comes to Earth and take us through different situations where she's learning to use her powers, with mixed results. Each scenario is focused on Kara and Alex, though other Danvers and some OCs show up to move things along. There's really nothing about this story not to love. Each scenario is sweet and fun with great sister banter. My favorite scenario is the last one, but all are important to the arc of the story.
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    All the stories are posted. There were 19, not 18 as announced. I've now read most of them. I need to go back through and leave comments.

    The guessing post is up. For the first time since I started participating in Shortcuts, I've thrown a whole slate of guesses out there. Now comes the part where I watch the returns to see if anyone guesses mine. (And I'd love to hear why guesses went the way they did. I'm always curious about what readers see in a story that pings as belonging to a specific author.)

    Only five more days before author reveals. Staying silent is so hard.
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    Stories for the exchange have been posting this week. Fifteen of the eighteen scheduled stories are out already, and so far they're a really good lot.

    This is my fourth year participating and the first I can recall where Richie starred in multiple stories (4), which obviously makes me happy. There're a few stories in the vein of episodes, a nice selection of crossovers, and a couple humor pieces. There also seems to be a lot of longer stories for this exchange: two that span multiple posts and at least two others that feel like they're over 5K, though not everyone lists a word count.

    Strangely, what I'm most looking forward to is the guessing post because I've read enough HL fanfic in the last few months that I think I might have a chance.
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    Sign-ups closed with 1853 people on the list. No takers on two of my requests (Into the Wild Nerd Yonder and My Secret Identity), unless there are hidden bucket list offers. I'm not surprised. They were, and always will be, long-shots, even in the world of Yuletide fandoms. Psion did end up with an offer, and I am surprised about that. I'm going to have to hustle my re-read so that I can come up with requests. Meanwhile, TP '73 ended up at 5,4 and TP '13 at 6,6, blowing both of my predictions away. And Supergirl ended up at 11,19.

    I also took some risks with my offers that I will undoubtedly be kicking myself for later.


    My assignment is sweet. Now I just need to come up with a solid idea for a story. Well, and then I just need to write it. The 'writing it' is always the part that doesn't go according to any plans I make.

    So far, all my ideas would be in fulfillment of my own prompts, and I don't like doing that for exchanges unless I know my recip well enough to know that they're cool with the inside of my head.


    I know that the Raven spin-off was a behind-the-scenes nightmare for a lot of reasons, and as I re-watch episodes I wonder about the show we could have gotten. Then I find myself wondering what missed opportunities were the results of the BTS issues and which were simply missed? Like, of all the characters who were introduced on TS who were supposed to be significant to Amanda's history (Rebecca, Zachary Blaine, Cory, Kit), why were none of them brought in for appearances on the spin-off? (Reusing Rebecca footage from TS doesn't count). Were the actors all unavailable? Did they all refuse like Wingfield did? Were they never asked?

    In other random thoughts: How would Raven have been different if Ceirdwyn had been the star. While I know she was never one of the candidates, and it's entirely possible that the actress had aged past the ability to be a candidate, I think she would have made a hell of a central character on a show.

    More scenarios:

  • Methos going through the Watcher's Academy and having his patience tried by the Watchers being earnestly wrong about things related to Immortals and Immortality that he can't correct.

  • The Highlander Wiki lists Gregor as Alec Hill's teacher. So, Gregor goes Hunting for his student's killer, finds him (much to his surprise at who it is), and decides that neither a Challenge nor revenge is what he owes him.

  • (TP '13 / HL crossover) To an Immortal, a strong telepath "reads" like they have an Immortal signature. So, when Cara finally feels safe enough after the fall of ULTRA to leave the Lair and move topside, she finds herself accidentally and incorrectly being treated as a player in the Game. One of our canon Immortals figures out what's going on and takes her under their wing, which turns out to be a really smart decision for reasons the Immortal couldn't have predicted. (And suddenly I'm interested in all the shipping potential here.)
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    Title: Troll the Ancient
    Rating: PG
    Characters: Cory Raines, Ceirdwyn, Matthew McCormick
    Word Count: 3150
    Summary: To celebrate Christmas, Cory has planned a specific heist for which he's going to need some very old help.
    Notes: Written for [ profile] eliyes on the occasion of [ profile] hlh_shortcuts, based on a prompt for a Cory Raines centric-story.

    Link to AO3
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    Hi Exchange-fic Writer!

    Thank you for signing up. I'm really excited about the story you're going to write and I hope to make it as easy on you as I can.

    Long-winded post explaining how easy I am to please )

    Above all else, I hope you write a story that you enjoy writing, so don't feel like you're locked into the ideas I've included. Thanks for participating!
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    Title: And Hell Follows With Him
    Characters: Joe, Methos
    Word Count: 3000
    Rating: PG
    Summary: On the eve of the apocalypse, Death walks into a bar. This is both exactly what happened and not at all what happened.
    Notes: For [ profile] ishafel on the occasion of [ profile] hlh_shortcuts. Thanks to [ profile] htbthomas for the help with this.

    Link to AO3
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    This year, I participated in four seasonal exchanges: [ profile] tw_fallharvest, [ profile] tw_holidays, [ profile] hlh_shortcuts, and [ profile] yuletide, and wrote five fics across four different fandoms. The following are the gifts I gave in order:

    Story listing with meta notes )
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    In order of receipt:

    Title: Once for the Devil
    Author: hardticket
    Fandom: Teen Wolf
    Characters/Pairings: Scott/Isaac, Stiles, Derek
    Event: Teen Wolf Fall Harvest
    Word Count: 2000
    Rating: R
    Warnings: sex pollen, dub con
    Summary: Scott and Isaac get hit with some funky Wolfsbane. Stiles may or may not be to blame.

    Title: Tangled Words in Twilight Worlds
    Author: [ profile] lirren
    Fandom: Teen Wolf
    Characters/Pairings: Scott/Stiles with background Scott/Allison
    Event: Teen Wolf Holidays
    Word Count: 3450
    Rating: R
    Warnings: Discussion of canon character death
    Summary: Trapped together by a spell gone awry, Scott and Stiles realign the boundaries of friendship to regain their freedom, and in the process learn something about each other and themselves.

    Title: He Dreams
    Author: [ profile] morgynleri
    Fandom: Highlander
    Characters: Methos, Lorien, John Sheridan, The Morrigan, Henry V of England, The Brigid, Joe Dawson, Anat, Gollum, Frodo Baggins, Samwise Gamgee, JRR Tolkien
    Event: Highlander Holiday Short Cuts
    Word Count: 1000
    Rating: PG-13
    Warnings: Character death
    Summary: He walks dreams and he dreams reality, and one turns into the other and back again.

    Title: Underneath My Skin
    Author: [ profile] teaandhoney
    Fandom: BtVS/AtS
    Characters: Connor, Dawn, Willow, Kit, Carlos
    Events: Wishlist
    Word Count: ?
    Rating: PG
    Warnings: none
    Summary: "Connor is learning to trust his instincts again - well worn paths in his brain, burnt in savagely for survival when he was growing up in Quor'Toth , that were shadowed and muted the past few years but have now lit up again brightly. They are useful but he must keep that side of himself under check because he has seen were it all lead before, doesn't particularly like the person he used to be."

    Title: Who We Are
    Author: [ profile] brutti_ma_buoni
    Fandom: BtVS/AtS
    Characters: Dawn, Conoor
    Event: In Small Packages
    Word Count: 400
    Rating: PG
    Summary: in fulfillment of the prompt: "we are who we are."

    Title: Anything for a Friend
    Author: [ profile] daylightfire
    Fandom: The Listener
    Characters: Oz, Toby
    Event: Yuletide
    Word Count: 3812
    Rating: PG
    Summary: When Oz decides to observe Ramadan, Toby finds the only way to help him is to join him. Will the two survive 30 days of fasting?

    Title: Something Old, Something New
    Author: [ profile] carolinecrane
    Fandom: My Secret Identity
    Characters: Andrew, Dr. J, Erin
    Event: Yuletide Madness
    Word Count: 551
    Rating: G
    Summary: No wedding ever goes off without a hitch.
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    Hi Exchange-fic Writer!

    It's been a long time since I've had involvement in Highlander fandom, so I'm really excited about this exchange. I haven't read a lot of HL fanfic in years, so anything you write is going to be a refreshing change of pace.

    Long-winded post explaining how easy I am to please )

    I'm really looking forward to the story you write for me. Above all else, I hope you write a story that you enjoy writing, so don't feel like you're locked into the ideas I've included. Thanks for participating!


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