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This has been an interesting exchange season, in part because of Real Life drama that has been going on a lot longer than it should, and because, for some reason, my requests keep going to pinch hit at the last minute. My [community profile] crossovering request went to ph three days after assignments were due and my [ profile] yuletide_admin request went to ph the day before assignments were due. (I feel I must have gotten a reputation somewhere as a difficult assignee. How do I fix this?) I also did [ profile] hlh_shortcuts and didn't go to ph, which is good because I wasn't available this year to pick up any pinch hits. ;)

The consequence, oddly enough, has been some really enjoyable gifts.


I Left My Heart in 1990 by [ profile] flukeoftheuniverse - Highlander/DC's Legends of Tomorrow - 3390 words - The Waverider crew picks up a guest after an unsuccessful trip to the 90s to find Vandal Savage. Vandal Savage does not appear in this story.


Beyond Metropolis by [ profile] setcheti - Beyond Metropolis (Song) - Shriekback - 2223 words - The world outside the walls of Metropolis had blue skies, just like in my mother's stories.

Metropolis, My Love by [ profile] foxtwin - Beyond Metropolis (Song) - Shriekback - 1234 words - A canonically conceptual view of Metropolis from the outside.

In This Darkest Closet, Tryin' to Figure It Out by [ profile] htbthomas - My Secret Identity - 1544 words - Andrew, Kirk and Cassie are trapped in a closet, and Kirk only has one question: why won't Andrew use his powers?

and I got an NYR

Pack is Home, Home is Pack by [ profile] mercybuckets - Wolfblood - 2771 words - Maddy juggles exams, applications, diplomacy and plans for the future. On top of everything, Rhydian is acting weird and her powers are acting up. One thing’s for sure, life in Canada for a teenaged wolfblood is no picnic.

HLH Shortcuts

Introspective Christmas or how to turn your life upside down in the course of an hour by [ profile] banbury - Highlander - 1595 words - Open your eyes and you might find something unexpected.
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This year, I participated in four seasonal exchanges: [ profile] tw_fallharvest, [ profile] tw_holidays, [ profile] hlh_shortcuts, and [ profile] yuletide, and wrote five fics across four different fandoms. The following are the gifts I gave in order:

Story listing with meta notes )
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Because it's not Teen Wolf related, and because this journal is only Teen Wolf, my Yuletide tome letter this year can be found here:

Yuletide Letter 2012
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Title: Resonances
Summary: Where does Derek end and Jackson begin?
Word Count: 2088
Notes: Written for [ profile] temperance_k for [ profile] yuletide based on a request for Derek/Jackson fic. Also, tried to incorporate preferences for explorations of Derek's bittersweet childhood and Jackson's dark side.
Thanks: Thanks go to [ profile] boy_on_strings for the inspiration in how to get the fic started, and to [ profile] emocezi for the words that brought the fic to an end. This fic literally would not have happened without either of them.

He was going to get caught. He could hide for a little while, but not forever. Never forever. )


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