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A series of unrelated AU stories written for AU Bingo

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Title: Negligent Lycanthropy
Summary: Scott's in a world of legal trouble.
Word Count: 1563
Notes: Thanks to [ profile] fountainxxpenny for help with the story and for supplying a title.

Sheriff Stilinski should have known better than to walk into his son’s room unannounced. )
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Summary: Stiles once made a deal that he can't regret.

Word Count: 1018

Author's Note: Tomorrow is my birthday. One of my very first fandom friends had a tradition of celebrating her birthday by giving a present to the fandom in the form of new fic. I decided to learn from her.

Stiles's mother had never liked the snake. )
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Summary: An impromptu Halloween party goes a little awry. Written for the Halloween Fest on

Word Count: 3017

As soon as the Ouija board came out, Scott got up and left the room. )
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Summary: The best day of summer vacation, Teen Wolf style. Sorta.

Word Count: 862

A/N: I always tell people not to apologize for their stories.But ... ::rests her head on the desk and weeps softly:: ... I'm so sorry...

Stiles and Scott stepped through the sliding doors into the backyard, all energy and high excitement about the brand new day that lay before them and its untapped possibilities. )
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Summary: Just because the myth is ridiculous, doesn't mean it's wrong.

Words: 1107

"No freaking way!" Stiles exclaimed. )


Oct. 1st, 2011 10:00 pm
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This is all [ profile] legendarytobes fault. Blame her.

Link to [ profile] au_bingo comm.

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