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AU Bingo Round 2 is Over.

Overall Thoughts:

Originally I said I wasn't going to participate in this challenge. My willpower lasted all of about six hours. So I signed up for my first fanfic bingo game. From when I first saw my card, my goal was to complete two bingos: a diagonal cross and a vertical/horizontal cross, with the goal of making a starburst pattern. I did end up completing this goal, though it took a cramming of 14 stories in March to make that happen. I was also going to do a Teen Wolf only card. Around January, I realized that was not going to happen. Thoughts continued... )

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Author: [personal profile] argentum_ls / [ profile] argentum_ls
Fandoms: Tomorrow People (1973), Leverage, Highlander, Teen Wolf

Fills below the cut )
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Title: Lo Hicimos!
Summary: To find a cure, Scott and Stiles need some better directions.
Word Count: 1547
Notes: Crossover with Dora the Explorer

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Title: Verdict
Summary: John has been charged by the peaceful Sorson-Thargon Alliance for Crimes Against Sentience.
Word Count: 900
Warning: Genocide

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Title: Lane Change
Summary: After "A Rift in Time," John, Stephen, and Elizabeth discover that their travels aren't over.
Word Count: 3534

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Title: Snowed
Summary: Timing is everything.
Word Count: 646
Warnings: Death. No happy endings.
Notes: Composite history. The event is set during the Great Lakes Storm of 1913, with some descriptions based on those provided by survivors of the Children's Blizzard of 1888.

The snow started to fall just before Methos dismissed his school for the day. )
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Title: In This Together
Summary: Adam's healing power is needed for a new use.
Word Count: 1622

Adam had a franticness about his movements that Ami had rarely seen. )

AU Bingo

Mar. 21st, 2012 10:30 pm
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Author: [personal profile] argentum_ls / [ profile] argentum_ls
Fandoms: Teen Wolf (MTV), Highlander, Being Human (UK), The Tomorrow People (1992)
AU: Vampires, Alternate Planet(s), Wild Card, Post-Apocalyptic, Mutants, Prison, Deities/Higher Powers, Olympics, Talk/News Show

Fills below the cut )
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Title: The Good Life
Summary: After the vampire uprising, the world has become a friendly place for supernaturals.
Word Count: 739

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Title: Negligent Lycanthropy
Summary: Scott's in a world of legal trouble.
Word Count: 1563
Notes: Thanks to [profile] fountainxxpenny for help with the story and for supplying a title.

Sheriff Stilinski should have known better than to walk into his son’s room unannounced. )
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Title: Absent All Else
Summary: Melissa McCall and Sheriff Stilinski play the cards they're dealt.
Word Count: 2628
Notes: Story is very open for revision.

Sheriff Stilinski looked up from his own cards, a tired, reminiscent smile playing around his lips. )
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Title: Were-___
Summary: Poor Scott. He just can't catch a break.
Word Count: 1520

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