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I signed up for the new round of H/C Bingo. I hope this time I'll manage to fill some prompts.

My hc_bingo card )
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[community profile] crossovering is running again this year! This is one of my favorite exchanges because I do so love crossovers. Nominations opened at the dot of midnight (central time) this morning, and I had mine in about five minutes later.

People are allowed to nominate up to 8 fandoms. The top ~100 nominations with the most votes will get in, so if there's something you particularly want to see made available, go add your vote. In the past two years, I've had 6 of my 8 noms make the cut. This year I'm hoping for all 8, obviously, but I expect to see 5, unless there are silent fans out there.

For the record, my nominations this year are:

The Tomorrow People (2013)
The Listener (TV)
Forever (TV)
Highlander: the Series
DC's Legends of Tomorrow
Houdini & Doyle
Now You See Me

I've already started thinking about prompts, and I have a couple I'm eagerly waiting to share.
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Dear My Old Fandom Creator,

Hi! Thank you for signing up for some nostalgia. I'm very excited for the work you're going to do, as every one of my requested fandoms has been a big part of my fannish (and, in most cases, real life) for a long time. While I talk about some of the fandoms more than others, I promise that every fandom and character/group I've requested is one I really want to see a new work in.

I'm LadySilver on AO3 and argentum_ls just about everywhere else (if the underscore doesn't work, try a hyphen).

Below is a lot of nattering about what I like in my chosen fandoms. I've also included a lot of prompts and ideas. Use what you need to, but please, please do not think that any of these prompts are must-haves on my end. If none of the prompts speak to you (or if you prefer to write unprompted), then do what works for you. As long as you avoid my DNWs, I will enjoy your work.

Also, I participate in a lot of exchanges and fests. Sometimes I post prompt ideas directly to my DW or tumblr. All prompts are fair-game, no matter how old they are or whether someone filled them already, so if something I've posted elsewhere grabs your attention, go with it. Should you want to run an idea past someone who knows me, there's no one better than htbthomas, who has had to listen to me flail about every request here at some point.

I've requested fic for the first four fandoms and fic or art for the last one.

Info )

Highlander: the Series )

My Secret Identity )

The Tomorrow People (1973) )

The Tomorrow People (1992) )

21 Jump Street )

I very much look forward to the work you're going to make. Thank you for signing up!
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Tumblr has ask box memes. I reblog them, yet rarely get anyone to take me up on them. This time, someone did!

The Meme Itself )

Response for Something Called Living )

Should you want to play, inboxes work as well as ask boxes.
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It looks like there's lots of upcoming fun.

FK Fic Fest

A new round of the [community profile] fkficfest / [ profile] fkficfest exchange is gearing up.

I participated in this in 2013 and 2015, so I'll probably take this year off to focus on other summer exchanges.

HL Chronicles

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the release of Highlander, [community profile] hl_chronicles / [ profile] hl_chronicles is holding a prompt fest.

I will probably not be participating in this because it's movie centric and I'm a series fan, but the prompts may have a different say in the matter.

My Old Fandom

A brand new exchange! [community profile] myoldfandom is for canons that ended at least 10 years ago. A great number of my favs qualify, so this might be the way to get some action in fandoms that don't get selected in other exchanges. Nominations open March 9th.

Ship Swap

Sign-ups for the final round of [ profile] shipswap are open until Feb. 9th. I've done this one for the past four years and received some excellent stories. However, it's become increasingly clear that I would be completely unmatchable this round. As I don't have sufficiently strong enough feelings about anything else in the tag set to modify my requests and offers, I've decided to withdraw. I'll keep my eye on the pinch-hits, though, in case something interesting appears.
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Fandom stocking revealed late Friday night (my time) and brought with it some new delights:

  • [personal profile] knowmefirst, [personal profile] valarltd, [personal profile] sharpest_asp, and [personal profile] falcon_horus issued seasons's greetings, the latter of which was done with a screen grab from The Flash that features Barry & Cisco.

  • [personal profile] brightknightie offered some always appreciated Highlander squee on our mutual favorite characters.

  • [personal profile] juniperphoenix and [personal profile] twinsarein both followed through with recommendations for new books to read or listen to, all of which sound delightful. I've already downloaded the audio rec and will begin listening to is as soon as the current book is done.

  • [personal profile] bring_me_sugar offered a gift certificate for a ficlet in a mutual fandom.

  • [personal profile] weaselett made me four Supergirl icons:

  • Read more... )

  • [profile] jessalryan wrote me an excellent Psych ficlet, starring Shawn and Gus:

  • Read more... )

    For my own contributions, I only succeeded in finishing one thing, which i gifted to [personal profile] ilien because she stated that she headcanons all shows as Highlander crossovers, and I couldn't agree more:

    Screen Test - Highlander/Forever - <1000 words - Lucas tries to talk Methos out of his movie choice
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    I signed up for two winter exchanges this year, and ended up writing three stories for them.

    For Yuletide, I matched on The Tomorrow People (1973) and wrote:

    Gaming the System for Marien - 2385 words - Sometimes a fad is an alien conspiracy to take over the world and sometimes it's just a fad. Telling the difference is the problem.

    Read more... )

    For Shortcuts, I was assigned to [personal profile] idontlikegravy who started her list of preferred characters with Richie, which immediately sealed the question of whom I was going to be writing about. For her, I wrote:

    Something Called Living" - 19,535 words - Of all the morgues in all the world, Richie Ryan just had to wake up in Henry Morgan's.

    Read more... )

    For the first time, I got my Shortcuts story turned in on time. Before time, even. So, when the call went out for a last minute pinch-hit, I grabbed it, because not writing a story after deadline just didn't feel right.

    For [ profile] mackiedockie, I wrote:

    Ace in the Hole - 3195 words - A stormy night stuck in the bar with Methos gives Joe the chance to find out something he’s wanted to know for a long time.

    Read more... )
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    I've gotten out of the habit of posting about the stories I've received here, so I guess there's no time like the new year to see if I can reclaim the habit.


    Highlander Shortcuts

    Of the two exchanges I joined this winter, this one opened first.

    My gift is the fantastic:

    Like New (LJ link) - Methos is definitely not a new Immortal, but Richie doesn't know that and Methos isn't about to tell him.

    The author is currently anon, though I think I know who it is [ profile] flukeoftheuniverse.

    Comments: A super fun scenario that lets us revisit Richie when he was a brand new Immortal and "meet" Methos when he was still firmly Adam Pierson and invested in keeping it that way. One of the issues I had with the later seasons of HL is that Richie and Methos never got any real on-screen time together, and this story nicely shows how it could have happened. It is canon divergent (which is always fine by me), yet not so much so that it disrupts anything that happens on the show. I think my favorite part of the story is that Richie gets to step up and be the one in charge and, while it doesn't work out the way he thinks it should, he's not punished for that, either by the other characters or the narrative.


    And we have a second winner with a Supergirl story:

    You're My Freak (AO3 link) - Four times that Kara using her powers nearly gave Alex a heart attack and the one time Alex asked her to use them.

    The author is currently anon, but I definitely know who it is. (Hi, Tig!) [personal profile] tptigger

    Comments: Sister love! It's a story of pure sister love. The five scenarios in the story start shortly after Kara comes to Earth and take us through different situations where she's learning to use her powers, with mixed results. Each scenario is focused on Kara and Alex, though other Danvers and some OCs show up to move things along. There's really nothing about this story not to love. Each scenario is sweet and fun with great sister banter. My favorite scenario is the last one, but all are important to the arc of the story.
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    All the stories are posted. There were 19, not 18 as announced. I've now read most of them. I need to go back through and leave comments.

    The guessing post is up. For the first time since I started participating in Shortcuts, I've thrown a whole slate of guesses out there. Now comes the part where I watch the returns to see if anyone guesses mine. (And I'd love to hear why guesses went the way they did. I'm always curious about what readers see in a story that pings as belonging to a specific author.)

    Only five more days before author reveals. Staying silent is so hard.
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    Stories for the exchange have been posting this week. Fifteen of the eighteen scheduled stories are out already, and so far they're a really good lot.

    This is my fourth year participating and the first I can recall where Richie starred in multiple stories (4), which obviously makes me happy. There're a few stories in the vein of episodes, a nice selection of crossovers, and a couple humor pieces. There also seems to be a lot of longer stories for this exchange: two that span multiple posts and at least two others that feel like they're over 5K, though not everyone lists a word count.

    Strangely, what I'm most looking forward to is the guessing post because I've read enough HL fanfic in the last few months that I think I might have a chance.
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    It's possible that I may have finally run out of Highlander stories to read. I've thought it was true before, but then I found more pockets of stories. Now I think I've run out of pockets to find unless there's a lot more hidden on LJ than I've been able to dig up. (There probably is. It is LJ, after all).

    Good thing the Shortcuts stories are due to start posting tomorrow.
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    I have hung out a stocking.

    If you are interested in stuffing it with treats, drabbles, icons, squee, well-wishes, or anything else, you can do so here. Stockings will open in early January.

    Dec 1st

    Dec. 1st, 2015 12:49 pm
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    To my complete and utter shock, I managed to win NaNoWriMo again. I wasn't going to participate at all, but then a story bit me. Then another one. I idly kept track of my word count, but didn't stress over whether the daily minimum happened or not. Come Nov. 30th, I was about 5000 words behind--close enough that it seemed shameful not to at least try to win, yet far enough to make it unlikely. The most I've ever written in a day was 3K, and I think that only happened once in the 10 years I've done NaNo. Somehow I managed it. Granted, 4K of that is utter throw-away garbage of characters talking about useless things, but words are words.


    My story is finished. It was finished weeks ago. This will be the first year I've done Shortcuts and not blown through the deadlines. Beta reading is in progress and so far is proof of why getting an exchange story beta read is a good idea, because holy cow did I have some stupid errors (big ones, of the 'the character wouldn't do that' and 'the story doesn't make sense if...' type). Plus the plethora of nit-picky errors. There were a couple words in the story that were so utterly wrong that I'm clueless as to what word I was trying to come up with. Once all that is fixed, I really hope my recip likes the result because I am amazingly enthralled with this story and I really want to be able to gush about it.

    I thought I had the title locked down, but the more I edit, the more I think a different one would be better.


    No such luck here. Blank assignment = no fire.

    Fandom Stocking

    I'm pulling together my stocking sign up now. Mostly it's C&P from last year's with the additions of Supergirl, Psych, and Wolfblood. I keep debating whether to drop one or two of my inactive fandoms from last year's list in the interest of being more concise, then I think that not including them really will mean no chance to getting something in them. What to do?


    I'd like to be glad that this year is almost over, but that only matters if next year is better. So far, that doesn't appear to be in the cards.


    Methos as a 1970s punk rocker. I'm oddly obsessed with this image right now and I wish I had the skills to draw it myself. I can't decide if he'd play bass or if he'd be, like, #1 groupie.


    Took the kid to a Doctor Who convention for her birthday as part of our bi-annual tradition when we're in that town over Thanksgiving. She had a great time! I broke down and bought a new copy of the Big Finish Highlander season 2 audios, which I forced the family to listen to on the drive home. (Only I would go to a Doctor Who convention in order to get Highlander media). Very enjoyable audios and well-done fan works. It's a shame that there won't be more.

    I also talked briefly with the head of BF and he confirmed that they would like to get the TP rights back.

    On the topic of TP, I also took the kid and the nieces to play laser tag on Black Friday. The arena used to have a blue team and a red team. In between my last visit and this one, they replaced all the red gear with green gear. That meant that every game on this outing was the Blue vs. the Green. I may have made a few jokes about that that went right over the girls' heads.
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    1. Writing starts at the beginning and the story is told in order until it ends.

    2. The story stays on track.

    3. The story makes sense on the first pass.

    4. Steady progression of words without the constant need to stop and rethink everything.

    5. Details that randomly introduced themselves in the beginning become relevant at the end without any need to massage.

    6. No details need to be edited in to the beginning to match what happens at the end.

    7. The characters all behave. No one quits or refuses or play his or her part.

    Now, guess what happened with my current story?
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    Sign-ups closed with 1853 people on the list. No takers on two of my requests (Into the Wild Nerd Yonder and My Secret Identity), unless there are hidden bucket list offers. I'm not surprised. They were, and always will be, long-shots, even in the world of Yuletide fandoms. Psion did end up with an offer, and I am surprised about that. I'm going to have to hustle my re-read so that I can come up with requests. Meanwhile, TP '73 ended up at 5,4 and TP '13 at 6,6, blowing both of my predictions away. And Supergirl ended up at 11,19.

    I also took some risks with my offers that I will undoubtedly be kicking myself for later.


    My assignment is sweet. Now I just need to come up with a solid idea for a story. Well, and then I just need to write it. The 'writing it' is always the part that doesn't go according to any plans I make.

    So far, all my ideas would be in fulfillment of my own prompts, and I don't like doing that for exchanges unless I know my recip well enough to know that they're cool with the inside of my head.


    I know that the Raven spin-off was a behind-the-scenes nightmare for a lot of reasons, and as I re-watch episodes I wonder about the show we could have gotten. Then I find myself wondering what missed opportunities were the results of the BTS issues and which were simply missed? Like, of all the characters who were introduced on TS who were supposed to be significant to Amanda's history (Rebecca, Zachary Blaine, Cory, Kit), why were none of them brought in for appearances on the spin-off? (Reusing Rebecca footage from TS doesn't count). Were the actors all unavailable? Did they all refuse like Wingfield did? Were they never asked?

    In other random thoughts: How would Raven have been different if Ceirdwyn had been the star. While I know she was never one of the candidates, and it's entirely possible that the actress had aged past the ability to be a candidate, I think she would have made a hell of a central character on a show.

    More scenarios:

  • Methos going through the Watcher's Academy and having his patience tried by the Watchers being earnestly wrong about things related to Immortals and Immortality that he can't correct.

  • The Highlander Wiki lists Gregor as Alec Hill's teacher. So, Gregor goes Hunting for his student's killer, finds him (much to his surprise at who it is), and decides that neither a Challenge nor revenge is what he owes him.

  • (TP '13 / HL crossover) To an Immortal, a strong telepath "reads" like they have an Immortal signature. So, when Cara finally feels safe enough after the fall of ULTRA to leave the Lair and move topside, she finds herself accidentally and incorrectly being treated as a player in the Game. One of our canon Immortals figures out what's going on and takes her under their wing, which turns out to be a really smart decision for reasons the Immortal couldn't have predicted. (And suddenly I'm interested in all the shipping potential here.)
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    11/5 - Updated for the entry on Psion. Supergirl update is coming.
    12/1 - Updated for the entry on Supergirl

    Dear Yuletide Writer:

    First of all, thank you so much for signing up! We already have at least one fandom in common, which is the important part. It's like cake. Cake is my favorite part. I hope the rest of what follows is just frosting.

    What follows is a a run-down of my likes/dislikes, favorite tropes, and some specific fandom discussion with sentence prompts. Use what you need to, but know that I know that ODAO. You're also welcome to stalk me online. I'm LadySilver on and AO3, argentum_ls on DW and LJ, and argentum-ls on tumblr. I participate in a lot of exchanges and fests, which means I've thrown a lot of prompts out into the void. Should you see a prompt from a different exchange/fest that you'd like to use, go for it! (Even if it's already been filled).

    Overall, what I like in a story is plot; that is, I want something to happen. Beyond that, the reins are pretty loose. I like h/c and whump, angst, drama, humor, casefic, action/adventure, and romance. I'm open to gen, het, slash, poly—though I do have some fandom-specific preferences, which are listed below. I love pairings and I also love strong friendship and (pseudo)parent-child relationships. Ratings from G to hard-R are great. Crossovers are fantastic, though not anything I ever expect. I prefer canon based stories or canon-divergent AUs, and I prefer third-person storytelling, though I don't care if it's in past or present tense.

    Trope Wants )

    Do Not Wants )

    Fandoms: The Tomorrow People 1973, 2013; My Secret Identity; Psion; Into the Wild Nerd Yonder; Supergirl )

    Thank you again for signing up. I am very much looking forward to seeing the story you choose to write.
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    I've been trying to hack my Big Finish account. I've narrowed the email address down to one that hasn't been valid in at least eight years. None of the usual suspects for passwords are working, though.

    The goal of this, naturally, is to see if I can still download the Highlander season 2 audio that I bought once upon a time.

    Technology needs to learn to cooperate with my obsessions.
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    In the world of "What's amusing LS today?":

  • Cory Raines vs. Shawn Spencer

  • Any of the old Immortals stuck on the camping trip from Hell with a group of school kids or, worse, their parents-who-think-they-know-everything. What a clash there'd be amongst people who think they know something about how to survive in the wild and the person(s) who actually does.
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