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Dear Scribbler,

Hi! Thank you for signing up for this exchange.

I'm LadySilver on AO3 and argentum_ls just about everywhere else (if the underscore doesn't work, try a hyphen).

Below is a lot of nattering about what I like in my chosen fandoms. I've also included a lot of prompts and ideas. Use what you need to, but please, please do not think that any of these prompts are must-haves on my end. If none of the prompts speak to you (or if you prefer to write unprompted), then do what works for you. As long as you avoid my DNWs, I will enjoy your story.

Also, I participate in a lot of exchanges and fests. Sometimes I post prompt ideas directly to my DW or tumblr. All prompts are fair-game, no matter how old they are or whether someone filled them already, so if something I've posted elsewhere grabs your attention, go with it. Should you want to run an idea past someone who knows me, there's no one better than htbthomas, who has had to listen to me flail about every one of these fandoms.

LIKES: Plot (I want something to happen), h/c, whump, secrets revealed/discovered, lying by telling the truth, angst, drama, family drama, real world situations (e.g. parental-dating, high school is hard, starting college/moving out) complicated by the supernatural, humor, casefic, trapped!, running out of time, unexpected allies, trope inversions, ratings of R or lower for sexual material, strong friendships, canon divergent AUs, canon based stories, crossovers, outsider POV, when two characters think they're talking about the same thing and aren't, clever or unusual uses of a character's abilities.

DO NOT WANTS: Character bashing or assassination, permanent main character maiming or death, non-canon AUs, storylines centered around one character being jealous of another, torture!porn, identity headcanons (e.g. trans*, autistic, asexual), zombies.

H2O: Just Add Water

Requests: Cleo Sertori, Rikki Chadwick, Bella Hartley, Emma Gilbert, Lewis McCartney

What I love about this show is the girl-centricness of it. One of my favorite little scenes is when Cleo and Rikki are trying to cheer Bella up and they tell her that there’s always one thing that will make them happy. Bella assumes it’s swimming. Then the camera cuts to them finishing a shopping trip. They’re mermaids, but they’re girls first, and they aren’t ashamed of that. They’re also tough, vulnerable, smart, fallible, self-reliant, and occasionally needy—just like real girls.

I love how the girls are friends in an honest way. They support each other and look out for each other, but they don’t always get along. There’s tension and bad moods and the occasional overly-cutting remark. Rikki and Bella have an interesting big sister-little sister relationship, complete with rebellion and exasperation, and all the girls had their moments where they didn’t especially like their found family. Yet they will always be the first ones there for each other.

For the mermaids, I'd love to know more about the little daily problems that their relationship with water creates for them: going to the beach with friends, surprise rain storms, leaky faucets, routine hand-washing, etc. I'm also curious about how the mermaid thing factors into their real life relationships such as the ability to make or maintain new friendships, or their relationships with their parents or siblings.

I'd also like to know more about mermaid mythology. The show explores the siren song, ambergris, and the full moon hypnosis thing. Any of these could use more exploration, as could other elements of the legends. Or, you could make up your own mermaid mythology. I know almost nothing about mermaid myth, so I'd love to learn more as seen through the eyes of these mermaids.

For Lewis, I'm interested in his time studying abroad. First there's the obvious cultural clashes, but there's also the knowledge clashes. Lewis knows about mermaids and magic for real and that's bound to be an issue with his marine biology studies and his pursuit of science. His previous run-ins with Dunman could also come back to haunt him. Or he has an encounter with Emma while they're both away that makes him question what he's being taught or how he's learning. Alternatively, did Lewis ever consider pursuing a tail of his own? The moon pool and its workings weren't exactly secret, so what stopped him from giving it a go?

Should you be interested in ship fic, I'm fine with all canon pairings and I'd love to see a story that explores the issues of a human-mermaid relationship after the initial reveal shock has worn off.

Also, now that Mako Mermaids has officially established itself as a sequel to H2O, I'd love to know how Rikki got from who she was at the end of H2O to who she is in Mako. Alternatively, stories about the other H2O characters and what they've been up to in the meantime would also be great.

My Secret Identity

Requests: Andrew Clements, Kirk Stevens, Cassie, Erin Clements

One of the things I really liked about MSI was that the show was a real world/real high school setting. Andrew had powers, but there was no reason for the powers: no super villains, no prophecy, no great mission. Andrew so desperately wanted to be a superhero, and all he could really manage to be was an awkward teenager with teenage issues and the ability to float, run really fast, and be strong (which were just as often the problem as they were the solution). The police weren’t clamoring for his help, he didn’t masquerade as a vigilante (nor did it go very well when he tried), and the newspapers and public had no knowledge that a superhero lived among them. There’s a great metaphor in all this about the person we are inside and the person we’re allowed to show to others.

Another thing I really liked was how much Andrew fanboyed his own powers. While Ultraman was only mentioned in the first season, I loved that the character even existed. Andrew delighted in being able to do what he could do, and who could blame him? (Well, Dr. J could and did, but that’s beside the point.) Though Andrew did eventually mature a little and calm down (and what did happen to his comic book collection?), I don’t think he ever truly lost the wonder.

Andrew and Kirk are an interesting relationship because they're old friends who don't know much about each other. I think about who I was at 7 and who I was at 16 and how many friendships fell away for good reasons in the intervening years, and it really makes me wonder what makes this friendship tick and why both guys assumed their friendship should just pick up where it left off.

Cassie, meanwhile, is only in three episodes (1x18, 2x06, 2x20), but it's clear that she and Andrew have also known each other casually a long time. Her world is the school newspaper and keeping tabs on the local gossip; how soon until she starts to notice that there's more going on under her nose than one would expect to find?

Erin is the quintessential little sister, but I love that she was presented as more than someone who exists to be annoying. We get to see her being capable of reading and comprehending advanced scientific literature, and we get to see her have her own friendships and have her own problems with those friendships.

I do ask that the fic be set with Andrew in the 14-20ish age bracket. Him being a teenager/young adult and dealing with the powers is what interests me. If you want to update the year of the setting, that’s fine. I have no particular attachment to 1988-1992. However, I’m not ready for him to grow up and have a family, even if I did.

  • A lab accident causes Andrew's powers to sometimes leap into Kirk. The boys discover this in the most inopportune way.
  • Andrew and Kirk or Cassie get tied together as part of a class project on trust.
  • Kirk figures out that Andrew is hiding something from him, but arrives at a plausible yet wrong conclusion that he then proceeds to act on, much to Andrew's confusion. (+ Cassie or Erin)
  • Kirk needs to help Andrew conceal his powers (+Cassie or Erin). Andrew doesn't know that Kirk knows about his powers.
  • Andrew is responsible for babysitting Erin for a week while their mom goes out of town. Something happens (lab experiment gone wrong? powers malfunction?) that causes Erin to have to take charge.
  • After his time travel adventure in 3x08, Andrew tries to tell Erin what he learned about their father.

    All canon characters are welcome to help populate your story, as are OCs who fit the world.

    The Tomorrow People (1973)

    Requests: Elizabeth M'Bondo, Mike Bell, Stephen Jameson, Andrew Forbes

    I have a selection of characters here, some of whom have met in canon and some whom haven't. I adore stories where characters who have little or no screen time together get to interact. However, as long as the character we matched on is the focus of the story, you are free to include any canon character, regardless of whether I requested them or put them in the tag set, or OCs. Stories during or post-canon are both great.

    With the TP, I'm always interested in the classic tropes: time travel gone wrong, mad scientists, evil popular culture, alien conspiracies, adventures on another planet, what's Colonel Masters on about this week?, etc.

    I'm also interested in stories where the TP characters' powers or responsibilities come into conflict with their everyday lives/parents/routines/siblings/friends. I am an absolute sucker for stories where people with superpowers have to negotiate the role of their powers in a world that isn't suited for them and/or that can't know about them.

    Please do not ship the characters with each other. If you want to invent an OC spouse for, say, Stephen to be married to in 2016, go for it. Just don't make that spouse be any TP or Sap we've already met in canon. (Should you want to write shipfic, slash, het, or poly are all fine.)

  • Stephen & Elizabeth having to figure out how to balance being student and teacher in some contexts and coworkers in others.
  • What does Stephen get up to after he leaves the TP?
  • Mike's challenges at trying to be in his band, be the coolest kid on the block, and get a girlfriend when he's constantly being called off to save the world.
  • How does being telepathic change Elizabeth's approach to or perspective on teaching?
  • On one of the occasions when Andrew is left behind in the lab, the excitement all comes to him.
  • Elizabeth tries to induct Mike into the Federation diplomacy corps.

    Crossovers with any other version of the TP are welcome.


    This show is like someone took my Yuletide letter and made it manifest. I love that this show is so firmly grounded in the real world, with most of our characters' problems arising from ordinary situations. I love that the characters look out for each other and are willing to go to incredible lengths for each other, but don't always find that to be the easy decision or most rewarded route. I also love how a lot of what's typical for TV characters gets subverted in this show: the popular girl who likes science and is still able to stay the popular girl, the foster kid who lives in a healthy foster home, the teacher who's actually interested in his students' well-being, school kids who actually go to school and who get in trouble when they don't. I also love that the plot arc of every season is all about the Wolfbloods being discovered because that kind of Identity Porn will never fail to please me.

    In addition to the nominated characters, all other canonical characters are welcome to help populate your story.

    Worldbuilding, with or without the requested characters, is always welcome with this show. I'd love to know more about either wildblood culture or "tame" wolfblood culture. What are their myths and legends? What are the moral warnings parents give their children (e.g. "your face will freeze like that if you keep scowling)? How do they accomplish practical things like finding someone to marry or deal with work/school schedules that aren't built to accommodate the new or the full moons?

  • Rhydian and Maddy re-discovering each other after Rhydian arrives in Canada.

  • Even after leaving Stonybridge, Shannon and/and Tom can't seem to leave their involvement with Wolfbloods behind.

  • Alt!Future fic. Jana and Shannon become roommates after leaving school.

  • After leaving Stonybridge, Maddy struggles to adjust to her new life in Canada.

  • AU where Maddy tells Shannon about Wolfbloods earlier in the first season, under the condition that Maddy only outs herself (and possibly her parents). How would Maddy cope with having this partial truth between them? Would Shannon be satisfied with finding her beast so anti-climatically?

    Although these prompts are all from series 3 or earlier, I have seen some of series 4 and I am open to stories using those characters/events.

    I very much look forward to the work you're going to make. Thank you for signing up!
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