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I like prompts.

Sometimes I even use them as intended.

Nothing in guaranteed.

Want to leave me a prompt? Here's the place.

Date: 2013-02-17 06:15 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] skieswideopen
As discussed. And seriously, no pressure.

- I'd love to see Toby's foster-care childhood come into play somehow. Not necessarily in flashbacks--maybe they (Toby & Oz or Toby & Charlie or Toby & Michelle) could run into one of his old foster siblings or parents in the course of a call/case? Could be the one he spoke of Charlie, or a different family entirely. It would be interesting to see how he came across to them, back when he was still figuring out how to hide his telepathy.

- From your Trope Bingo card, I'm thinking the prompt "road trip" could be awesome with either Toby or Nick. Nick and Schanke being sent to pick up a prisoner? Toby stuck in a car (for some contrived reason) with Charlie, back when she was uncomfortable with the whole telepathy thing? Or maybe Toby stuck with Brian Becker, trying desperately to convince him that Toby was both perfectly normal and uniquely helpful to Charlie and thus should be allowed to continue working with her.

- An amnesia-stricken telepath could also be fun. With Oz and Olivia desperately running interference and hoping he recovers fast. (Also applicable to Trope bingo.)

ETA: One more tonight. For the "immortality" prompt: a vampire and a Highlander immortal run into each other twice with a considerable time in-between. On the second encounter, each realizes that there's something odd about the other. For more specific plot ideas: Teaming up against a common enemy? Commiserating over the difficulties of coming up with proper ID in an age of increasing records? Battling it out, with one trying to protect/avenge someone the other is/was after?
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