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Apparently the delays were advantageous for other stocking stuffers, too, as this was a banner year for treats.

From [personal profile] bring_me_sugar was a coupon for a 500 word Psych ficlet.

From [personal profile] valarltd was a download code for an audio book from Audible.

[personal profile] sperrywink stuffed with two things: a set of icons for Sara Lance from Legends of Tomorrow and a delightful ficlet crossing over Leverage and Legends of Tomorrow: A Graph of the Heart - 1055 words - Sara/Parker, Hardison/Eliot - Sara walked into the bar like she owned it - T.

[personal profile] muccamukk went for some different Legends buttons with an excellent h/c ficlet focussed on Jax: On the Beach at Tintagel - 1368 words - Jax & Stein - A missing scene from the start of season two, after Jax and Martin are scattered, before they end up at Tintagel. Or, Gideon dropped everyone in the worst possible place, didn't she? - T

[personal profile] falcon_horus, [personal profile] twinsarein, and [personal profile] knowmefirst left seasons greetings.

From [personal profile] tarlanx came a pair of icons for The Listener, one featuring Oz and one featuring Toby.

[profile] weaslett wrote a darling Leverage ficlet about Hardison's perspective on Parker and McSweeten, which may be a pairing that truly is mine alone.

And [personal profile] sexycazzy made a surprise extra treat this afternoon with a Tomorrow People (2013) banner that I have got to write a story I can put it on.

Times like this, it's really awesome to be multi-fannish. Thanks to everyone who stuffed my stocking!
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